3 Ways To Make Your Website Local SEO Friendly

Communication around the world changed at a great pace with the arrival of smart phones. There was a time when computer brands were trying to make laptops to make compute…

Communication around the world changed at a great pace with the arrival of smart phones. There was a time when computer brands were trying to make laptops to make computers available to people on the go. The technology advanced so fast that computers were shrunk to fit the palms of people’s hands. With mobile devices, the concept of local SEO became a thing too. Now that people can search for their favorite business places on the go, it has become an important part of marketing strategy for businesses to work on local SEO and local search. Here are the top 3 factors that can boost your website’s local search:

List Your Business on Local Websites

This is probably the most important part of any local SEO strategy. In order for you to be available locally, you need to make your business list on the websites where people are often looking for local businesses. Yelp, TripAdvisor, WhitePages etc. are great examples of websites where people would often go to find local businesses. You might have a different set of websites that is popular locally in people. Now, you have to make sure that you list your business on these websites consistently.

You have to follow a certain format of stating your address, phone number and any other contact details. You then have to make sure that these contact and location details appear on all these local websites in the exact same manner. This consistency is followed by Google as it ranks you higher when your contact details and location information are consistent on all these websites.If these websites allow, you should also work on making your listings attractive by introducing opening hours, pictures, videos etc. You can even get in touch with online websites that will provide you the service of listing your business on every popular local listing website for a small fee.

Optimize Your Content Locally

There was a time when even the international businesses were not paying attention to this important strategy. If you want to approach people from a particular region, you will have to get close to them culturally. The first step of doing that is to make your content available to them in their language. While a huge number of people speak English around the world, there are still more people on the planet who do not speak or understand English. If your website is not available in their language, you are not target a huge audience.

You can use online services or even software to translate your website’s content in the native language of your target audience. You would even want to have your ads appear in their language as this strategy gets a much better response. The best way to translate your website is to have it translated by local people. They will make use of the terminology used in those areas as naturally as possible.

Work On Local Keywords

Of course, when you are looking to target the local audience, you will have to work on local keywords as well. You can even work on a sub-domain or buy a new domain for certain regions to boost your local search. When you buy a domain for the purpose of local SEO, you want the website address to contain the name of the area in it.

Furthermore, you will have to work on keywords that have the name of the town, area, city and other prominent places in that area. Here, it will help you greatly to take a look at the strategy of your competitors to know how they are approaching local SEO.

The best approach is to hire a company that specializes in local SEO to handle your SEO campaigns.