3 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Mobile App Development

For your startup to count and make any difference in the market, you need to have a mobile app today. However, choosing a mobile application development firm is not as ea…

For your startup to count and make any difference in the market, you need to have a mobile app today. However, choosing a mobile application development firm is not as easy a process as you might think. Before you even gauge a mobile application development company, you have to know if that’s the right path for you. Keep in mind that you can have your mobile application developed in-house too. What, then, is the reason for companies to pick outsourced mobile app development instead of in-house repeatedly? Here are the 3 red flags that suggest in-house app development will end up in a disaster for you:

  • It’s Taking Too Much Time

Surely, it sounds like a great idea to have your own in-house app developers and the liberty of monitoring your app during its development process. However, you can only hire as many developers as you can afford as a startup. These people have high salaries and it is not easy for startups to afford them. To reduce the time of developing your application the only way is to add more app developers. This means your expenses will go breaching through the stratosphere. The result is that you will have to wait for months before your application is developed.

In a fast-paced technological world, even 6 months is too much time. Either your application will become obsolete or you would have already run out of capital to run your business. The best thing to do here is to outsource your mobile application development. These companies have teams of professional app developers, and they work with deadlines.

  • You Can’t Seem to Fit it in Your Budget

You might notice right off the bat that your application is going to cost you big time and that you don’t have enough money in the bank to afford it. This will put you into loan-hunting mode. However, the return of this loan depends on how successful your business is going to be. As a startup, you might not even have the best pitch to convince banks to forward you a loan. Even if you are able to get the loan, it’s just debt. Why go in debt when you have a cheaper method of having your mobile application developed?

There are literally hundreds and thousands of online websites with teams over teams of professionals that develop applications day in day out. You can utilize their mobile application development services, have a professional app built and pay less than half of the budget of developing your application in-house.

  • Your Development Team Does Not Look Confident

Having mobile app developers on your team does not mean they can handle any kind of application. Bear in mind that planning for an app can take just as much time as it takes to develop it. Why is it such a complicated process? It is because applications can be easy, difficult and complex. Furthermore, certain programming languages are more suited for certain types of applications. On top of that, different mobile operating systems require apps to be built in certain languages for optimum performance. Your team of mobile app developers does not look confident because they know these factors.

With outsourcing, there is no way your mobile application development firm will give you any excuses. If they do certain types of apps using certain programming languages, they will inform you upfront. When they say they can help you with your mobile app, they certainly will. Not to mention, your costs to have your application developed by them will be much lower than having the same application developed on your business premises.