5 Important Factors To Design The Perfect Brand Logo

5 Important Factors To Design The Perfect Brand Logo
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When you give a graphic design firm the project to design your brand’s logo, you need to be a constant part of the process. Owners of starting businesses often take the l…

When you give a graphic design firm the project to design your brand’s logo, you need to be a constant part of the process. Owners of starting businesses often take the logo design process for granted. They are too focused on other marketing aspects of their business ever to realize the important role their logo plays in marketing their brand. Business has to put in a lot of efforts to become a brand. Branding is more like giving an identity to your business, and a logo has the major role to play in doing so. Here are the five most important factors you need to consider to design a logo that successfully represents your brand.

  • It Needs to Be Simple

The first and foremost consideration when designing a logo is to keep it simple. One of the qualities your logo needs to have is to be memorable at first glance. When your logo is simple, it sticks to the memory of your customers when they look at it. A complex logo with too many design elements clustered in one place can be more distracting than attention grabbing. Looking at the logos of the biggest brands in the world can give you a clear idea of how simple logos work better. Coca Cola, Pepsi, Apple, Google, Uber, etc. all have very simple but attractive logos.

  • It Needs to Have the Right Colors

Colors play the most important role in making logos attractive and attention-grabbing. Every color has a different psychological effect and implication. Logo designers know what these colors mean and how they can make a logo look attractive. Most food businesses have the color red in their logos. Red color implies energy and arousal. If you go to a lot of restaurants, you must have noticed them using the red color quite often, which is because red color fills people with energy and excites their appetite. Blue implies coolness and is often used by brands to exude order and trust. Skype, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. are great examples of blue logos. You need to find the color that best reflects your brand.

  • It Has to Tell Your Story

If you are proud of who you are and where your business stands today, and you want to share your success story with your customers, you can tell it with your logo. Maybe you could use the shape of an animal, tree or flower in your logo because the country you belong to has a history with it. You have to be very creative and spend time brainstorming before you can come up with a logo that tells a story. Consider the Michelin logo with a man made of tires. It tells the story and has a strong impact when you look at it.

  • It Must Use Shapes and Typeface Wisely

Great logos use shapes and typeface wisely. Just like colors, the shapes and typefaces you use in your logo can have an impact on people’s perceptions. You can use them both in a combination or just use one of them boldly to make your logo striking. Consider Shell, Apple, Nike, Pepsi, etc. as great examples of logos that consist mainly of shapes. FedEx, Google, NASA, Acer, etc. are examples of logos mainly consisting of a typeface.

  • It Needs to Fit the Time

The design elements of your logo must make it relevant in the current time. You will always notice a common trend sweeping across all brand logos at a particular point in time. For example, the fonts most brands are using in their logos have pointy corners and edges. Rounded fonts are not as common as they used to be in the past. Some examples of logos with pointy fonts are FedEx, Nike, NBC, Google, etc. On the other hand, FILA is a perfect example of a rounded font used in a logo.

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