5 Signs To Say No To A Website Designer

When big companies choose designers for their websites, they don’t pay much attention to their costs of hiring one. Certain things are not decided by how cheap they are a…

When big companies choose designers for their websites, they don’t pay much attention to their costs of hiring one. Certain things are not decided by how cheap they are and website designing is one of them. If you understand the importance of a website to establish the reputation of your brand in the online world, you will focus more on hiring professional and reliable website designing specialists rather than picking the cheapest solution out of the bunch. And if you notice any of the signs given below in your designer, steer clear of them.

  • They Focus Too Much on Their Discounted Prices

When you are talking to professionals, you will notice them taking pride in their work, not in how cheap their solutions are. On the other hand, a designer with mediocre skills will always use low price as a way to attract new customers and convince them to place an order. In fact, the only point they have to convince you to hire their services is the low price. Conversely, a professional website design will resort to its portfolio and reputation when it comes time for you to negotiate the prices of their packages.

  • They Don’t Have Custom Solutions

Another way for novice website designing firms to make money is by offering cookie-cutter solutions. They have certain packages available, and you have to pick from the available options. The complexity or ease of your project does not affect their prices. You either end up paying too little for very poor service or too much for mediocre service. On the other hand, professional website designers will always recommend you a custom tailored solution for your website. They understand that every website is different and every project needs to be dealt as a new and unique project.

  • They Don’t Have Any Portfolio to Offer

As mentioned above, a professional website designing firm does not use its cheap rates as a method of convincing you to hire their services. They know that their portfolio is worth looking at and that their completed projects will be convincing enough for you to hire their assistance. If your website designer is reluctant to provide you a portfolio, steer clear of them. Even if they have provided you with their completed projects, it is best that you research and find out that you are not looking at the work of some unknown person.

  • They Don’t Involve You in the Process

Since new website designers have no confidence in their quality of work, they often try to show you only the completed project. Professional website designers make you a part of the process and show you the progress of your website all along. They will even show you the static mockup as well as a working prototype of the website, so you know where things are going with your website design.

  • They Seem Clueless When It Comes to Mobile Website Designs

You have to understand that mobile website designs are a dire need of the time. You can’t afford to ignore your mobile audience, and the best way to target them is by having your website optimized for mobile devices. It is up to you to decide whether you want to go for a responsive website design or have a separate mobile optimized website developed. However, if you notice that every time you talk about making your website mobile optimized your designers seem clueless and have nothing useful to say, know that it is a clear sign of their inability to do mobile-optimized websites.