5 Reasons Why Businesses Need Instagram Marketing Today

5 Reasons Why Businesses Need Instagram Marketing Today
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​Facebook has remained the king of all social networking platforms since its beginning. However, the sheer size and market share of Facebook does not completely overshadow the presence of many other social networks that have emerged in the past few years and touched the hearts of internet users. Looking at this emerging trend, many social media marketing experts have paid close attention to market businesses on Instagram. Instagram relies on visual content shared by people from all over the world. It makes sharing stories easier through photos by furnishing many photo editing features for its users. What makes it one of the most powerful platforms for promoting businesses today? Here are the reasons?

  • 1.It Is Huge

As mentioned above, Facebook is the biggest social networking platform out there does not mean platforms like Instagram are small by any chance. Just at the start of 2017, Instagram had more than 700 million active users. The growth in the number of users has been significant for Instagram. Its population has always been rising with a consistent trend. The good thing is that this number is growing with time. Instagram is not far from having 1 billion users.

  • 2.It Is the Perfect Place for Businesses

One of the things that have made Instagram a great place for promotion is the success for brands on this platform. According to the recent statistics, 7 out of every ten hashtags that are used on Instagram have been sponsored by some brand. In addition to that, more than 70% of the businesses in the US are making use of Instagram for marketing purposes. What makes things even sweeter is the fact that nearly 80% of the people on Instagram are following at least one brand. These statistics should be enough to tell you how important Instagram is for businesses.

  • 3.It Is Appealing

Marketers have been long touting the idea of using visual content on social networking platforms. Several statistics have shown in the past that including visuals with social media posts increases their chance of getting clicked on many times. While you can share images, GIFs, and videos on almost any social network, there are very few that have been built by visual content, and Instagram is one of them.

  • 4.It Is Best for Women’s Products

If the products or services you sell are offered for women too, Instagram is the heaven for you. According to the recent statistical data, nearly 70% of the users using Instagram are females. And it’s not just the US audience as is the case with many other social networks. In fact, 80% of the users on Instagram are coming from other countries than the US. Looking at the overall usage statistics of Instagram, 31% of all women in the US are using this social network.

  • 5.It Is Perfect for Young Generation Products

One of the things that matter for businesses is being able to access the audience that is most fitting for their products and services. If your products are meant for younger people, Instagram is the best place for you to market and promote them. Nearly 60% of the users actively using Instagram are aged between 18 and 29. However, it does not mean that businesses with products for grown men and women can’t market on Instagram. In fact, people aged 30 to 49 make up nearly 33% of the Instagram population.

Looking at the statistics above and the increasing popularity of this social networking platform, it only makes sense for businesses to come up with strategies that are honed according to Instagram and the common interests of its active users.

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