Disadvantages Of Unmanaged Web Hosting

Without sound technological infrastructure it is hard to imagine a successful modern day business. Efficiently running internet-related services are an integral part of t…

Without sound technological infrastructure it is hard to imagine a successful modern day business. Efficiently running internet-related services are an integral part of the IT solutions of an organization. When it comes to IT, dependable and reliable web hosting is crucial.

Most businesses when starting are looking for web hosting services that offer the most services for the lowest costs. However, when choosing a web host, cost should not be the determining factor. Quality of service and support must be considered.

If you have your website being hosted on a shared platform the chances are the web hosting service is managing your IT needs. However, if you have opted for free or relatively inexpensive web hosting services you cannot expect the essential support to be provided to you. Similarly, if you have opted for dedicated servers for your business, you are the one who is expected to manage your web needs.

Unmanaged web hosting has many advantages. It can be cost-effective and in some cases offer autonomy to the business when it comes to choosing the software configuration of choice. However, taking up most of the burden of management on your business’ shoulder can often times lead to disastrous consequences.

Here are 5 of the most important reasons you should stay away from unmanaged web hosting.

  • No Management

This is very obvious, is it not? Well, if you sign up for unmanaged web hosting you may be paying less money but you will definitely be getting more to do in return. The host may help you install the operating system and may replace some failed components, but that is pretty much it. The host essentially will keep the lights on but the work has to be done by you.

  • Technical Nightmare

Professional and experienced technicians help provide the IT support if you hire the services of managed web hosting. With unmanaged services you are the one who is supposed to install security patches, and fix unsightly error messages. In some cases hosts will not even provide you with control panel or web server software. So, if your staff’s technical skills are not up to mark, you should restrain from hiring unmanaged web hosting.

  • It is Not Cheap

Most businesses opt for unmanaged services because of their enticing cost-benefits. Your subscription fee may be miniscule but you will have to hire the services of technically trained staff to troubleshoot unavoidable glitches with your server. Similarly when go for quality shared-web hosting service you get the chance to enjoy the benefits of economy of scales. Many repairs, replacements and support services can be accessed at much lower costs as compared to when you try to do them on your own.

  • Decrease Productivity

Downtime can be one of the most unpleasant consequences on unmanaged web hosting. You do not have access to 24/7 technical assistance, so you are bound to waste valuable business hours waiting for the right support to arrive and for the technical difficulty sorted out. This loss of productive time can cost you dissatisfaction of customers and clients and resultantly decrease your profits.

  • Compromised Security

Ensuring the security of business data is the prime concern for most organizations. When you hire cheap web hosting services you do not get access to all-important firewall service to protect your business software from hacking, malware and ransomware. A managed web hosting service provides periodic backups to safeguard the future of your data and makes it available instantaneously. If you want to optimize business continuity, it is a good idea to stay away from unmanaged web hosting.

These 5 reasons should be more than enough to deter you from opting unmanaged web hosting.