Don’t Let A Bad Website Design Partner Ruin It For You

A proper website design is the backbone to any business’ online marketing strategy. It does not matter how good you are with backlinks, social media marketing, email mark…

A proper website design is the backbone to any business’ online marketing strategy. It does not matter how good you are with backlinks, social media marketing, email marketing or PPC, all of these efforts are made to bring visitors on your website. Despite all these efforts, your visitors will end up with a bad taste in their mouths if your website does not match your marketing approach.

Some customers will even prefer doing business with another company just because they perceive from your website’s look that you are not a professional entity. If you think your website visitors are taking too much interest in jumping off your website, you need to change your website design partner. Here are some reasons why:

Your Website Looks Copied

There is nothing wrong in getting inspiration from other websites and creating a website in its footsteps. However, you don’t want your website to look like an exact copy of another website. If you have recently discovered that your website’s home page is nothing different from another website, it would be best to know if you were the first with that design.

If your website is the copied one, you will have to work to change it. What it means is that your website design partner is not serious with their job and they have taken the short cut. In simple words, your website should have its own identity.

You Feel Bored From Your Design

One of the most important things that modern website designers have to deal with is change. In today’s world, technology is changing at a great pace. You use one method to create a website today and there is a new method available tomorrow. This is why website designers, web developers, programmers etc. have to keep themselves up-to-date with the latest technologies.

It is possible that your web design firm has people who are still sticking to outdated methods of web designing. This makes your website look outdated and old against the websites of your competitors. As a result, you look backward to your visitors and brand impression becomes a challenge for you.

Missing Mobile Friendliness

You could easily put this particular point on top of this list. This modern generation is more about mobile phones that it is about desktops and laptops. People don’t bother opening websites on their mobile phones anymore since they have applications for everything. And when they have to open a website for some reason, the transition from an application to the web interface has to be seamless.

If your website looks unfit on their mobile phone screens, its design needs a revamp. Your website design firm should think about this particular issue before you do. If they haven’t addressed this issue yet, you need to change them.

Your Website Takes Time to Load

One crucial aspect of any website today is how fast it loads. Keep in mind that your website will be ranked lower by Google if it takes longer than standard time to load. This loading time increases when your codes are not clean or when there is unnecessary clutter of images and videos on the website. Whatever the reason is, it needs to be addressed as soon as possible. If your web designers are not able to do anything about it, you can safely hire new ones.

They Don’t Understand SEO

Your website design company should be expert at other important things like SEO and overall internet marketing in addition to website designing. Your web design and SEO go hand in hand and a firm that does not understand this relationship can’t come up with a search engine friendly design.