5 Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Must Avoid

There is no doubt that social media marketing has a magical power to it that helps businesses become brands in no time. If you know what idea would work for your business…

There is no doubt that social media marketing has a magical power to it that helps businesses become brands in no time. If you know what idea would work for your business and share the right stuff at the right time, you can reap unfathomable benefits from this type of marketing. However, it is always recommended that you opt for professional social media marketing rather than doing it on your own. This is because certain mistakes with your strategy will act against you and drive people away from your business. Here are the 5 big mistakes you must avoid.

  • You Sound Like a Sales Person

This particular issue hurts many businesses, even the multi-national ones. If you believe social media is for you to sell things to people, you are wrong. Social media is all about being visible to people and giving an identity to your business through regular and interesting posts and interactions. Purchasing stuff and listening to sales pitches is not the first thing on people’s minds when they open their social networking profiles. You need to be creative with your work and make marketing sound fun. You could make a serious video explaining how to use a certain product or make it a fun presentation.

  • Same Strategy for All Platforms

It sounds easy to create a post and then share it across all social networking platforms where you are present, but things don’t work that way. It’s not easy instead it is lazy. Different social networking platforms have different types of audiences. Similarly, different types of content works for different types of social networking platforms. A text-only post might work really well on Twitter but it won’t work the same way on Instagram or Pinterest. To share the same idea on these platforms, you will have to tweak the post accordingly i.e. add some picture to explain the idea.

  • Completely Ignoring Visuals

The more you read about social media marketing and the power of content, the more you will realize the importance of visuals. Video and images have become an integral part of online marketing, especially social media marketing. Recent surveys, studies, statistics and personal observations have proved that people are much more interested in visual content than they are in reading text-only content. Videos grab people’s attention immediately and so do the images. The rate of engagement and interaction with posts that are accompanied by visuals is also much higher than the rate of engagement with text-only content.

  • Being Random

Interest does not mean you have to talk about everything interesting. You have to sift and select certain topics that are not only a hit on social networking platforms but also relevant to your business and industry in some way. You then have to find a way to create posts that are relevant to the topic as well as your business. If you are sharing random stuff just because it is trending, you might not be able to create a unique image. To create a unique brand image on social media you have to consistently follow a certain path.

  • Engaging in Controversial Debates with People

This is by far the biggest mistake any business can make on social media. When you share stuff with people, not everyone will like your content. You will get appreciation but it will be mixed with criticism as well. At times some people will pick on you for no reason – maybe they are just having fun on the internet, commonly referred to as “trolling”. Replying to their questions or unnecessary criticism can get you into a big debate with them. However, the entire debacle will cost your business big time. Think wisely, it’s your business’ reputation that’s on the line. The other person can still live his/her life normally.