5 Things To Know Before Selecting Your Graphic Designer

If you own a business, you understand how graphic designing process remains an ongoing part of your marketing process. You might have your logo made once but banners ads,…

If you own a business, you understand how graphic designing process remains an ongoing part of your marketing process. You might have your logo made once but banners ads, website graphics, brochures, leaflets, letterheads etc. are all places where you need the assistance of a professional graphic designer. While other things matter too, the most important decision you have to make is picking the right graphic designer for the job. How do you make sure you pick the best one out there? Here are the 5 things that will help you with this process:

  • Experience and Reputation

You want a professional and reliable graphic designer for your job, you will have to look at the experience and reputation. When they have been in business for years, they know the ins and outs of graphic designing. You can check their reputation by taking a look at reviews from their customers. As for experience, it will be stated on their website. An experienced designer understands half of the things before you even say them. Furthermore, they understand industry standards so they can get to work as soon as you have paid for their services. Not to mention, they will never deliver bad services because this can ruin their reputation and hence the business.

  • Their Portfolio

Most graphic designing websites have their portfolios available on the website. Even if you have read great reviews from customers about the service, it is best that you check their designs on your own. What you want to look in those designs is professionalism, consistency and diversity. You want your graphic designing company to have a diversified experience. They should have done logos, brochures, ads etc. for different industries, and your industry has to be one of them. See their designs that they have done for businesses from your industry to get an idea of how good or bad they are.

  • Their Business Status

One of the best things about modern world is that almost anything can be done online now. However, there is a disadvantage of this privilege too. Sometimes, you are made to believe that you are in touch with a company when you are not. This is actually a freelancer sitting on the other side and he/she does not have the resources to return the completed work on time. While freelancers are good for small projects, you always want to hire services of a professional company for important graphic designing works. Not only are they able to deliver your designs on time but can even do revisions quickly.

  • Your Own Requirements

This entry might surprise you but it is just as important as the points before it. You have to realize the fact that a good design can only be made when you have the clarity of your ideas in your mind. You must know what you want from a particular logo, design or animation. You can never expect a striking result if you haven’t been able to explain clearly as to what you expect from a particular design, what you want in it and what you don’t want in it.

  • Ask for a Sample

It is always recommended that you ask for a sample work before you dive into signing the contract. A completed sample work gives you the best understanding of the skills of your graphic designer. They might have tweaked their portfolio or maybe they have put only their best projects in the online portfolio. Give an easy sample task to them, see how fast they return the completed work and analyze the cleanliness of the design they have done for you.