The Don’ts Of Social Media Marketing

Social media has become an important channel of online marketing over the years. Almost all types of businesses have their own pages on social media sites like Facebook, …

Social media has become an important channel of online marketing over the years. Almost all types of businesses have their own pages on social media sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc. Such sites have to proven to be powerhouses when it comes to online marketing and driving traffic to your site.

Unlike other means of online marketing and product promotions, social media marketing does not require extensive knowledge of SEO and can be managed by anyone. However, it does require commitment and the right set of skill. Moreover, it involves different tactics that change over time so if you want to use social media sites to market your product, you must choose the latest tactics and avoid certain things at all costs.

Here are a few habits that you should be over with while going for social media marketing:

Depending Completely On Organic Reach

If you think you can reach out to all your visitors and potential customers without paying a dime, you are, unfortunately, very wrong. All your precious time that you have spent making interesting and relevant posts would go wasted if you do not go for paid advertising. Organic or unpaid ads would bring you visitors who might also convert but there is a high chance that it might take a lot of time. Many people do not consider paying for their ads as they think it is just another addition to their expense while it is actually an investment and a wise one.

Not Engaging With Your Customers

Social media sites are a platform where a successful online advertising campaign requires you to talk with your customers instead of talking at them. People are most likely to leave you site or page if you constantly talk about your product and company. This creates an unprofessional image of your company and is definitely not good for your business. You should use make sure you communicate with your customers, let them ask questions, answer their queries and have healthy conversations with them in the comments. If you start doing this, you will soon notice a growth in the volume of traffic and would receive a positive response from people.

Indulging In Politics

All of us have different views and mentalities when it comes to politics and according to the rights of freedom of speech, we can share our views with people online. There are many online forums including social media sites where we discuss and fight with people over political issues. That is not an issue until you start using your business’s page to discuss politics. Using your company’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page in political debates could harm your business in many ways. While your political views could please and impress some customers, there is a high chance that the same views could disappoint many customers which leads to a massive fall in the number of visitors. You should make sure your company’s page is never involved in any political discussion or else you might see your social media marketing campaign fail.

Using Low Quality Images And Videos

Info-graphics or multimedia is an important part of online marketing as it is more likely grab people’s attention using eye-catching images and videos. However, there are certain factors that you should consider before going for multimedia. You should make sure all the pictures you upload and share are high quality ones. If you upload a low quality picture with smudged colors and stretched out pixels, people would think of you as unprofessional. No one wants to open images which look ugly and spammy. You should also make sure all the images on your page are compressed so they take minimal time to open. Using highly compressed multimedia files also make your page easy to load.

Therefore, it is better to seek professional help when it comes to social media marketing.