When you read articles from the most expert marketing professionals, they always recommend professional social media marketing services. This is not because they are paid…

When you read articles from the most expert marketing professionals, they always recommend professional social media marketing services. This is not because they are paid to say this but because a small mistake with social media marketing can prove to be catastrophic for a business. You can get away with little errors with other marketing methods but on social media, the feedback from your followers can hit you like a freight train. Here are the top 5 mistakes that you must avoid when marketing on social media to stay away from an internet marketing disaster.

  • Giving Polarizing Comments on Current State of Affairs

You want to stay as neutral as possible with your comments on current state of affairs. You might have certain political, religious and cultural views that differ from the crowd, but you don’t want them to come in your way of success. One wrong comment on something and you will be flooded with harsh and angry comments from your own fans and followers. Keep in mind that in this modern day and age things go viral within seconds. You will have already turned half of your target audience against you before you delete your polarizing comment.

  • Getting Personal

This problem is quite common with small and mid sized businesses. These are the businesses where the owners will make personal accounts on social networking platforms and use it to communicate with their fans. What you need to remember here is, “you can’t please everyone”. You will always find some criticism and negative comments about your product, service, business or your own personality. Responding to any of these negative comments can destroy your image on social media. Know that you are using social media marketing for your business, not to promote yourself.

  • Avoiding Social Media Tools

After realizing the increasing interest of businesses in social media marketing, developers from around the world came up with hundreds and thousands of tools to facilitate them with it. Social media marketing tools are available in many different flavors. Some tools are meant to make posting easier, others act as reminders and some automate the marketing process for you. These tools will also give you great metrics on how your marketing campaigns are performing. You just can’t make the most of marketing on social media unless you start using these tools.

  • Selling

If you think social media is a platform for you to sell your business, products and services, you are utterly wrong. Social media marketing is all about creating a brand identity and producing content that connects your target audience with your brand. You don’t sell stuff on social media because people are not there to buy that stuff. Of course, you can talk about your product and business, but in a creative, fun and engaging way. You have to create an image of your business on social media and for that, you will need professional assistance.

  • Not Posting Multiple Times

Posting the same content twice or more times does not sound like a good idea, does it? However, if you understand your target audience, their geographical locations etc. you will know that they are not all up at the same time. While you are actively engaging with your audience in the US, your followers in Japan might be having a good night sleep. Once again, the emphasis has to be on point number 3 on this list i.e. you have to use social media marketing tools to connect with every person in your audience. You can use these automated tools so that they will post certain content multiple times based on the peak traffic times of different time zones.