Best Social Media Marketing Companies In Riyadh

What characteristics should the Best Social Media Marketing Companies In Riyadh possess? While carrying out a review on the Best Social Media Marketing Companies In Riyadh, the evaluators take some factors into consideration.

Factors to consider while evaluating the Best Social Media Marketing Companies In Riyadh include:

Client retention

The percentage of client retention is one of the factors considered while selecting the best performing companies. The larger the percentage, the better performance of company. There are several strategies used by companies to retain their clients. Clients should hire services of companies that are ranked from 60 per cent and above in client retention category.


The amount of revenue generated by a company greatly influences its operation. Companies with a larger revenue margin tend to accomplish more and they offer quality services to their clients. Most of the successful businesses generate revenue of $ 1 million and above.

The use of tools

Online marketing requires use of some tools. What tools do most companies use?

  • Pay per click (PPC)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO}
  • Reputation management
  • Web design
  • Web development
  • Integrated search (SEO/PPC)
  • Management web development

These are the most commonly used too. Various companies deal with various tools depending on what is being marketed.

Active clients

Having a high number of active and subscribed users will the company a competitive edge over the others. In a recent study conducted, companies that had over 100 + active users made it to the top of the table. One of the major roles of the social media managers in the online marketing companies is to promote and encourage social media usage among the employees within an organization.

Other services

The services offered by the marketing companies were also evaluated.

Timelines: How regularly do they update their clients’ timeline? Companies that updated on a regular basis made the cut.

Brand management: How effective was the brand management process? How many new clients were reached?

Consultation: How often were consultations made by the client or organization? What kind of advice was given? Ratings were made based on the responses given by the clients and organizations.

The number of big firms served

Internet marketing companies that had were hired by high-end companies tended to receive a high rating. This can be attributed to the fact they portfolio build by the companies gave them a leverage. However, this does not mean that firms that deal with small companies are not competent.