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Branding Graphic Design In Riyadh

Branding Graphic Design In Riyadh is one of the industries that has reported growth in the recent past. Branding Graphic Design In Riyadh companies have created employment opportunities for senior graphic designers.

What traits and qualifications should a competent graphic designer possess? What are their roles and responsibilities? How much are they paid per year? Graphic designing has its fair share of challenges just like any other job.

The graphic designers involved in Branding Graphic Design In Riyadh have to meet certain qualifications. The article will discuss a few of them.

Essential information

Any individual who possesses marketing skills and graphic design talent can apply for this course. Basically, the main duty of a brand designer us to create materials that will aid in marketing the identity of a company. It is important to note that they do not work alone. There are Bachelors and Masters degree for this course. However, the minimum qualification for a designer would be a Bachelor's degree and a portfolio and design skills software. Having a Master's degree and previous work experience is an added advantage.

Career information

Job description

A brand designer is tasked with the responsibility of creating graphic designs that will be used as a marketing tool by the organization. It is their duty to analyze the market trends and devise formulas and strategies that will reach their clients. The designing and production of any project related materials lies solely in their docket. Some of the project materials may include logos, color palettes and fonts. They work with other team members such as senior staff members and communication professionals.


A brand designer is involved in the marketing process-from beginning to the end. It is their duty to develop and create brand designs. They oversee the marketing initiatives. They are tasked with the responsibility of reviewingthe marketing materials for continuity and accuracy. In some instances, they even proof read documents. This is in a bid to ensure the brand identity is ensured at all times.

Salary and job outlook

According to statistics, the number of job positions for graph designers is projected to grow by 7 per cent from 2012-2017. This is a bit slower compared to other occupations but the industry is definitely growing. However, those seeking employment in this department should expect a lot of stiff competition. In the year 2013, the graphic designers earned roughly $44,830. As long as a graphic designer meets the basic education limit and skills recommended, they have a chance to work in the designing industry.

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