Business Mobile App Trends Every Business Owner Should Know About

​Who could have thought that the App Store or the Google Play Store would be able to generate billions of dollars from their applications? Within just a span of 8 years, application development has from minimalistic to absolutely essential! Apple just released new operating system – iOS 11 with special attention and focus given to the Apple store. As time passes, people are getting more and more dependent on mobile applications. Businesses have increased their earnings because people order food, shop clothes, and several other items online through the use of interactive applications.

Since the mobile applications are ever changing, you need to keep up with them in order to stay trendy so you need to expedite your mobile application development process as much as possible. To help you to stay on top, we will share 5 business mobile app trends you should know about.
1. It’s all about Shopping Online
The world is evolving, people are finding more and more activities to make themselves busy, stores are limiting their locations and are going online. Why? Because in recent years the rise in the use of mobile applications in shopping has increased tremendously. If you don’t have a responsive web design or a mobile site, then immediately invest in having one. A research shows that more than 50% of shoppers today prefer to shop online on their smartphones and are only interested in shopping from website that are fast, responsive and easy to navigate. This is the hottest trend now, your business needs to have a mobile application.
2. Say goodbye to high ticket products
In the past, high tickets were a problem for businesses. Almost majority of the business apps were earning money due to frontal sale only. However, the latest scenario is entirely different. Now is the trend for Micro-transactions. Mobiles are generating high ticket sales now.
3. Eliminate the ‘Abandon Cart’ feature
People often leave their digital carts stranded when they find out the payment process of a particular website is not safe or doesn’t seem safe or responsive. This way you lose several important business transactions. However, before you can prevent this from happening you need to ensure that your application or mobile website offers a streamlined check-out and online payment system. Many businesses are resolving this by offering special discounts on mobile shopping, this is the latest trend that plenty of mainstream retail and wholesale businesses are adopting, and you should do the same.
4. Use every payment option available
More and more businesses are accepting payments via Apple pay, PayPal, Google Play and Bitcoin – but what they are achieving by this practice? Using mainstream payment methodologies can help increase your sales volume as a majority of people prefer to pay using these online mediums. Use this trend effectively; integrate all forms of online payment platforms to let your customers from going to a competitor site that offers a few payment platforms. Each and every customer is different so are their payments methods. Don’t keep your business mobile application limited to credit or debit cards only. Develop mobile applications that have several latest payment options.
5. A sudden boom in In-App chats
Most business mobile applications have in-app chat system where customers can interact with other customers or you in order to find more about the product. This trend will increase more with time, but you can use it immediately to stay up to date and to keep luring in more customers.