Merely Having A Business Website Won’t Be Enough In 2018

​The world is changing much faster than we expected, trends are changing with the blink of an eye. If you think that your company’s website is not affected by ever-changing trends, you are mistaken. To be on top of the game you need to continuously refresh and update your website. Many businesses often ignore emerging trends; they feel how a website can affect their image or sales and they never or rarely update their websites. You don’t have to make this mistake, keep your website fresh, updated and ready for 2018 by following these trends.

1.Make a statement with typography
Have you noticed that recently there is a huge trend of putting quote prints on the walls of the office, living rooms, and bedrooms? Interior designers think that in every home or office there should be quotes prints because they make such a statement. Fonts will be the hottest trend for website design in 2018. Play with typography by tweaking your fonts, put bold fonts to make a statement then mellow down the tone of your website with smaller and clearer fonts. There are thousands of fonts you can choose from, each suited for your website. If you are unsure don’t change the complete layout of your website, just try to make some adjustments in colors and style of your fonts, you will be surprised to find a huge change in the appearance of your website.
2.Duotone is back
Almost after 15 years, duotone is back in style. If you are from the 90s you should be aware of color gradient trend. In 2018, color gradients will dominate most of the websites. Photographers are using color gradient filters to tell their stories. Many applications have been developed in mobile which turns an ordinary photo into extraordinary duotone photos. You can make use of this trend by turning your boring marketing photos into duotone images. Along with bold fonts and quotes, they can make such a statement. It is all about keeping the design simple, yet sophisticated at the same time.
3.Minimalism will be minimized
Minimalism has dominated for several years in interior fashion and website design. Now it’s time for it to rest as 2018 will be about heavy designs, animations, GIFS and cinema graphs. If websites don’t follow this trend in 2018, they will look dull and apathetic. Going bold and strong is going to be the new trend.
4.Virtual Reality (VR) and 360 Videos
Thanks to constantly evolving technological trends, especially in gaming and augmented reality – Virtual Reality was born as a concept a decade ago and just as recently as 2016, VR swept in like a tidal wave, instantly getting massive attention, YouTube has tons of VR and 360 degrees photos in its library now. Use these videos in your website design to showcase your products.
5.Virtual Reality (VR) and 360 Videos
If you have a separate website for mobile users then you are good to go, but if not, it is extremely important that you get one. 2018 will be all about mobile websites. Consumers want quick search results and nothing is better in providing those than a mobile browser. Several companies now have almost identical websites for mobile and desktop users to make sure very feature of their website is available to everyone. Mobile website gives your business many opportunities to connect with several users. In 2018, a mobile website will play a big part in determining how trendy a business is; don’t miss this trend, follow it to stay relevant.