Cheap Linux Hosting In Jeddah is a hosting option preferred by businesses and individuals. It has numerous advantages. For beginners, it is an open source and that makes it free.The article will discuss in details the basics of Linux development and hosting.

An overview of Cheap Linux Hosting In Jeddah

What is Linux?

In the simplest term possible, Linux is an operating system. It is software that enables applications and computer operators to access devices that will perform desired functions.

The operating system relays instructions from an application; the processor will perform the instructed task and the results to the application through the operating system. Linux is similar to other operating systems such as Windows. However, there are slight differences in each operating system.

One important aspect about Cheap Linux Hosting In Jeddah is that no company is solely responsible for the development or support of Linux. The various companies that participate in the development of Linux often share the development and research costs with their competitors/partners. This has significantly reduced the cost.

Where is Linux used?

It is used as an operating system for desktops and personal computers.

What is the future of Linux?

Linux is being used beyond the desktop and server development. Linux is being embedded on mobile internet devices such as smart phones and PDAs.

Cloud computing for Linux is now a reality. A Linux cloud service allows service providers to effectively deliver online application and information to users.

Development of Linux

It is an operating system that has many development languages. A large percentage of the distribution code is the C which takes 52.86 %.In some instances, C++ takes about 25.56%. Other languages commonly used include Lisp, Java and Pearl.

Sources of income for Linux

So Linux is free, how do they make money?

A distribution maker pays for the convenience of not creating a free Linux from scratch. Individual and businesses usually benefit since the distributor has paid the cost for them.

There is a lot of commercial support for Linux. As a matter of fact, some distributions will allows free download for their clients. However, they will build the entire revenue model on a service and support the business plan.

Advantages’ of Linux hosting

  • It is secure and stable
  • It is compatible with other softwares
  • Being an open source code, it is free to download
  • It is ideal for individual, bloggers and entrepreneurs
  • It has a better performance advantage