Busting The Common Mobile App Related Myths For Businesses

Businesses all around the world have realized the importance of mobile applications. Professional mobile application development is on the rise as more and more businesse…

Businesses all around the world have realized the importance of mobile applications. Professional mobile application development is on the rise as more and more businesses invest in having their own applications created. There is no doubt that an application in the modern world is the closest relation that a business can create with its target audience. However, a bad application can ruin your brand’s identity just the same. It’s the common myths revolving around mobile applications that often make business owners take wrong decisions. Here are a few of them:

Mobile Applications Can Be Developed for Cheap

Many business owners are under the impression that applications can be developed for cheap. What they believe is that an application can be developed by just one person. That is not the case at all. The cost of an application depends greatly on how complex it will be. Some applications can be made with ease and thus at cheap rates. These applications have a very basic functionality. However, most business applications are not that easy. They require a team of professionals to take part in the entire development process. This is what adds to your costs as you have to pay these professionals for their work according to their experiences.

Apps Don’t Need Marketing

Whether you talk about mobile applications or websites, they can’t reach your users without efforts. There is a lot of stuff that needs to be done after developing an application to make it reach your target audience. There is something called ASO, which is the short for app store optimization. In this type of optimization you use techniques to make your application visible to as big of an audience as possible. Just like search engine optimization, app store optimization requires you to work with keywords as well. With app store optimization your keywords are the terms and queries your target audience is typing on app store to find applications similar to yours.

Once Developed, the Work Is Done

After all, you have spent months over months and a lot of money to create this application. You want to think that your application has been completed and now it just needs to be distributed to your target audience but that’s not where your work ends. Just like any other software, your application needs tweaking after it has been developed. These tweaks are made not only to improve the performance of your application but to add new features. Keep in mind that applications continue to face issues as new smartphones and devices keep on adding every year. This improvement is an ongoing process and so you can’t sit relaxed after developing an application.

Developing for Multiple Platforms Is Easy

You know there are multiple mobile operating systems competing in the market today. Many believe that once an application has been created for one operating system, it can be redone for the other operating system without any hassle. While the backend stuff might remain the same for both applications, there are still quite a few changes that have to be made in order for your application to work smoothly on all platforms. This requires more work and thus more expense. It’s best that you identify your target audience first and then develop for the mobile operating system that has the more potential part of your audience on it.

Professional and Non-professional Is the Same

An application is an application, it does not really matter who develops it, right? If that’s what you think, you are wrong. There is a difference of night and day between an application developed by professional and an application developed by non-professionals. Since your application plays a vital role in building your brand’s reputation and image, you could ruin it for you by choosing non-professionals to develop your application.