Some common Social Media Marketing Myths That Need Serious Debunking

​Social Media Marketing has created such a buzz in certain years. Several companies have made their name and went from being nobody to somebody. However, with the rise of social media marketing, the myths started to rise and poisoned the minds of several entrepreneurs who were hoping to use this tool to market their business. If you are an entrepreneur or plan to be one in the future, you should know about the common myths of social media marketing for businesses.

1. You can’t survive with fewer hashtags
Hashtags are really important to quickly and widely trend any topic. You can use hashtags to promote your product, but please don’t go over the board. Using too much hash tagging will make your product or the trend very common. Do you really want your product to be seen trending amongst bad products? Well, excessive has tagging will quickly eliminate any interest shown byyour target audience. You must be thinking how that can be possible? Take this for an example, you used hashtag #comfort for your product on Instagram, at the same time someone is hashtagging #nocomfortproducts. Since hashtags are supposed to quickly join two threads together by using common words, your product can easily fall under bad product category. Use hashtags that are unique and justifiable to your blog, content or product.
2. I have to be on every Social Media platform
It’s actually really good if you can make yourself available on every social media platform. By doing this, your network may become huge, but think, can you actually make yourself available on each and every other network? If you can’t then it’s better not to be. Being on every network is not only going to consume your precious time, but being on a network with lesser data is not beneficial for your business. Social media marketing does not mean that you have to conquer all the battles, just stick to the networks where you can keep your content fresh, unique and most importantly updated.
3. I have so much content, my results will be extraordinary
Well, it’s a big NO actually. Too much content will never equal to extraordinary ratings, instead this practice would be extra painful for you. Why? Because not everything on this earth is interesting, you can’t really spark the interest of your audience just by sharing everything you feel is interesting. Instead, keep your content as relevant to your business as you can.
4. I don’t like Social Media Marketing because I can’t measure it
This myth is the mother of all the myths regarding social media marketing. Each and every social media platform has a way of measuring how many people visited your website, how many people actually liked and shared your posts, ads, video and how many people are trending it. As a matter of fact, these platforms are making it easier to view this data by presenting daily, weekly and monthly reports through graphs and pie charts.
5. Why bother with old people when they don’t know technology
Well, nothing can be said about this myth except it’s totally bogus. All social media networks have fairly enough number of people from the old generation. Businesses and their marketing personnel that think and only make content specific to young people are actually missing out one big group of people.
6. I need to show content that is not personal to me or my company
It’s a good practice to keep the content specific to your viewers; there is no harm in being creative. Let your viewers get a chance to see who is working on all these posts or content, show them your team, share their story. This helps in character and personality development of your overall brand’s image.