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Dedicated Hosting Server in Jeddah

Are you looking for a server that will serve efficiently in ensuring your business runs well? Dedicated Hosting Server in Jeddah provides you with an irresistible offer of high quality dedicated servers that are tailor-made to suit your needs and requirements. Not overlooking your interests, special features for instance email hosting, come with every dedicated server package. Try this today. These features are explained further in the text below;

Email hosting

Dedicated Hosting Server in Jeddah provides email hosting services that are especially efficient for large businesses. The client, using their own email hosting services, can therefore send emails from one mail box to several customers. This improves communication across the globe and improves the client's business.

Storage and backup

Dedicated Hosting Server in Jeddah supplies clients with servers with good storage capacities. You can store large chunks of data using both internal storage capacity and external hard disks. They also offer back-up solution based on your security, integrity and fiscal requirements. This greatly reduces chances of data loss and ultimately keeps your business running smoothly.

Web design services

Apart from the provision of servers, Dedicated Hosting Server in Jeddah provides you with web designing services. These services including designing a brand new web site or designing an old website in a bid to improve your services as a client. To help you do this, they have a capable staff that is well versed in the area of web design.

Dedicated IP pool

With Dedicated Hosting Server in Jeddah, a client obtains three static IP addresses per each dedicated server purchased. This, however, does not limit the number of IP addresses you require for your business; therefore you can purchase additional addresses that can meet your needs. This enables you to assign each address to the different business platforms and minimizes the chances of network overload.

Customer portal address

Dedicated Hosting Server in Jeddah maintains communication between the client and the administration team by use of a customer portal. Through this, the clients can log in to the portal and access a variety of services available in the website. These services include technical support, customer care services from Jeddah's able team as well as updates on new commodities. This further ensures client satisfaction and builds a long lasting relationships with clients.

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