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Dedicated Server Hosting in Jordan

Dedicated server assures you of privacy and security as well as gives full control over it. It is efficient for large private business entities and also offers larger returns on investment. Dedicated Server Hosting in Jordan provides you with cost friendly and reliable servers that are configured to suit your business requirements. Would you like to obtain such a dedicated server for your company? Below, outlined in the text, are reasons why Jordan is the place to contact;


For every server purchased at Dedicated Server Hosting in Jordan, is the assurance of server security. This is due to the advanced firewall, malware detection and anti-spam system that come with every dedicated server package. This avoids data loss and ensures efficient business running. The client also has the freedom to upgrade the security package to his/her own advantage.

Control of the services

Dedicated Server Hosting in Jordan provides a platform for the client to choose between self-managed dedicated servers and those that are fully managed by Jordan. Self-managed servers bestow the client with full control over their server allowing them to configure settings to suit the needs of his/her company. On the other hand, servers managed by the administration team in Jordan lighten the pressure on the client's IT department.

Additional services

Server upgrading and software installation services are also provided by Dedicated Server Hosting in Jordan. These services are offered at no additional costs by the technical team at Jordan. Software installation is done on purchasing the server and is based on the client's requirements. Server upgrading includes disk, memory (RAM) and control processor unit (CPU) upgrading among many others. Server upgrading ultimately improves performance.

Remote back up

In business, employing remote back up enables you curb data loss in the cases of cyber-attacks as well system breakdown. Dedicated Server Hosting in Jordan provides the client with remote back up option as well as off-site scheduled back up. This ensures that your data is secure and minimizes setbacks.

High performance

Dedicated Server Hosting in Jordan avails servers that are up to date and highly efficient. This improves on performance and eventually enhances profitability. In addition, instant rebooting enables the client to manage situations where the server fails to respond adequately. None of the customers who have opted for this have left unsatisfied. It is your turn to commence enjoying.

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