Choosing The Best Website Design From The Bunch

Website technology has come a long way to become what it is today. Websites were a boring thing in the past, as they looked more like static pages with text on them. Tech…

Website technology has come a long way to become what it is today. Websites were a boring thing in the past, as they looked more like static pages with text on them. Technology got better with time and today you get to come across dozens of different technologies and types of websites when you want your own website. Now, not all this improvement was done in vain. Every website type has its pros and cons. If you know your requirements, you can make a particular style of website work best for you.

Types by Functionality

You could differentiate the websites based on their functionality and looks. You have to be careful when picking from either category. When it comes to functionality, you can choose from static, responsive, mobile etc. websites. Static websites are the most basic types of websites and they have been around for the longest. However, this website design is now considered outdated because not only it looks outdated but also it does not stand against the modern websites in terms of functionality. An outdated website will not look good on a mobile device because it was only designed to be used on desktop computers.

Responsive websites are the ones that would respond to the device or screen they are being viewed on. As soon as you change the screen size, the website adjusts according to that size. This keeps the website from looking too big or too small on varying screen sizes. A mobile website, on the other hand, is a website that is built from the scratch to be viewed on mobile devices. These websites are optimized for mobile devices and perform best on them. Mobile website design is also encouraged and pushed by search engines. A company with a mobile website for its mobile users will have the advantage on Google’s search results when searched by a mobile user.

Types by Faces/Looks

Websites can be different from each other based on how they look. In fact, more work is being done on this category of websites. Website design firms are looking for newer and better ways to make their websites more attractive. Improving the face of the website is done primarily to make the website look unique, attractive and engaging. Website designers would achieve this using many different methods. One of the many common methods is by introducing unique and attractive typography. Another famous web design is the illustrative design where the website is built using cartoon shapes.

Designer would also use patterns and textures to make websites look different. In this type of design, a particular pattern is often repeated in the background. Another new design type being used on websites very commonly these days is the transparency. These websites are built in such a way that text on the website becomes more readable because of the background image. Photo-realism is a great method of making websites look not only unique but vibrant and lively too. This particular method is best used to make an impact as soon as the visitor lands on the website. For a couple of years, videos on the home page have also been used quite commonly.

How to Pick the Best for Your Business

Each website design type mentioned above is suited to a different type of business. It is best that you first know what vision your business has, what you want to achieve from your website and what kind of target audience you are targeting. Your website design professionals should also have enough experience to recommend these designs to you and arrange your website’s content to make it look beautiful using one of the designs.

So, look for a website design company that offers a wide range of design options for you to choose from.