How Can Video Content Boost Your SEO

How Can Video Content Boost Your SEO
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When you talk about SEO, the first thing that comes in your mind is content. When you see the word content, the first thing that comes to your mind is maybe text. However…

When you talk about SEO, the first thing that comes in your mind is content. When you see the word content, the first thing that comes to your mind is maybe text. However, images and videos are content just like text. Using videos for SEO is something you don’t normally hear about but by doing things the right way you can successfully boost your SEO with videos. Of course, you will need to pick the best search engine optimization experts of the industry who can make videos work for your search engine optimization. Here is how you can make videos work to optimize our search engine rankings:

Using the Right Technology

There are many ways to put videos on your website. You can add videos to your website using Flash. This technology was the most used technology just a few years ago. However, the big problem with Flash videos is that the search engine crawlers are not able to go through its code. Since they can’t go through its code they won’t use it for SEO purposes. The best way to deal with this problem is by using the latest HTML5 technology. The best thing about HTML5 is that all the major browsers you know will support the video. Search engine crawlers can also crawl through the code of your video when you use HTML5.

Making Creative Videos

Creativity is a huge factor when it comes to images and video content. Your video has to offer something interesting to viewers in order for it to become viral. The thing is that once a video becomes viral, it gets mentioned and talked about by all major blogs, reviewing websites etc. When they talk about your video they give way to backlinks that lead to your website. Another great place for such videos to create backlinks is the news websites. Dollars Shave Club video is a great example of how a viral video can give huge boosts to a website’s SEO.

Creating the Right Metadata

When you post a video, you don’t just post it. It is on you to give your video a catchy title while using the most potential keywords that are related to the video. In addition to that, you can also put a description under the video. The description can explain the concept of the video and this is another place where you can use potential keywords. Many people would upload videos without naming them properly. Naming your video is just as important as giving it a title on the website. Don’t use generic video names like “video001” or “video002” etc. There are many guides that you can read to know how you can make your video count on YouTube.

Using Transcripts

Video transcripts are the written form of your video. Whatever is being said in the video can be written in the form of a transcript under the video. Of course, this transcript will include a lot of keywords. Keep in mind that every viewer of your video does not understand English. If you provide a transcript of your video in its description, it can offer great help for people who don’t understand English that well. Furthermore, your transcripts help search engines find your videos.

Creating Addictive Loops

You might not get the idea at first but visiting a few video-embedded websites will help you a great deal in understanding this point. By embedding attention grabbing loops of videos on your website you can keep your visitors on the web page for long. Google wants you to create informative content for its users and thus ranks your website higher when people stay on it for longer.

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