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Domain and Hosting In Riyadh

What exactly is Domain and Hosting in Riyadh? Who is better equipped to offer such services? The article will provide a clear understanding of issues related to Domain and Hosting in Riyadh.

Basic facts on Domain and Hosting in Riyadh

The domain registrar

This is the part that handles the registration of the website domain name. It is what comes after the "www" part. It is crucial to ensure that you ensure that whoever has control over your domain name is reputable and genuine. This is especially important when it comes to renewal. The domain should not be allowed to expire. This is where a reputable registrar comes in.

It is the role of the registrar to ensure smooth sale of multiple domains associated with the site. It is important to note that users only rent but do not own the domain. Renewals are made after 5 or 10 years depending on the company policies. Transfer of domains is possible in case the registrar is changed.

The domain server name

The domain server name or DNS is the database that stores names associated to the website and the websites IP addresses. This makes it easy for people to find it once they search the Internet.

In addition, DNS handles email requests and websites. The domain server name allows users to send emails in the following format . It handles the servers necessary for redirecting.

Email /website hosting

At the bottom of the food chain we have the website and email hosting. Basically, they are contingent to each other.

These two functions can be handled by different companies. In most instances, they may be handled by a single company. However, the clients can decide to move their site to a different hosting company and keep their email as it is. However, it is not must that both of them must be hosted in the same place.

Web hosting

Web hosting can be defined as the storage of all pages, files, images and website data associated with a particular site. It means accepting and serving up request from users.

Email hosting

This is the storage of all email files and messages associated with a particular domain name.

It is important to note that email and web hosting are separate entities. They operate on different platforms. For instance Gmail would be for email while the World Wide Web is for web hosting. However, both can be used together.

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