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Yadonia Group has been highly architected for resiliency due to its continuous delivery environments that are designed specifically to accelerate sites as well as services deployment. This is clearly evident in the Drupal Hosting In Amman. For that reason among many others as you will see in the article below, they have become a web host of choice by the popular businesses in Amman, where large scale or small scale. Some of the other reasons for which they have been chosen among many others include.

High availability

A good number of the enterprise customers attain high availability through the leveraging if multiple zones that are available within the region. These are able to provide a highly redundant physically isolated servers at all the layers in the technology stack. This ensures a super smooth failover that does not interrupt the customers at all cost. Alternatively, there are hot standby regions in optional zones that are made available. This is how the Drupal Hosting In Amman ensures live fail over capabilities for disaster recovery.

Round the clock proactive monitoring

One of the ways in which the Drupal Hosting In Amman stands out is due to their 24/7 proactive monitory services. This ensures that they can always respond to whichever concern you may have at whatever time of the day or night. Using their well able tech support team, they are able to serve all customers irrespective of their geographical location. With a monitoring that is continuous, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week covering all the zones, their services become more efficient and worth reliance.

Assured security 4/7

Security is among the things that the Drupal Hosting In Amman is super keen about. Yadonia Group clearly understands that their customer's site contain lots of highly confidential top business secrets. Therefore, they have made it their responsibility to ensure instant security incidence reports, responsible vulnerability management, back up support systems as well as security event logging and close monitoring. This assures you that any information contained in your bandwidth space remains intact and protected from any unauthorized disclosure.


With Drupal Hosting In Amman, you can easily achieve the set business objectives without much hassles. After all, the entire tech support team has been employed to help you get the best of the best services.

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