Tips To Create A Perfect B2B Website Design

A professional website design is the requirement of any small or big business today. However, a B2B website needs to be designed differently than a website for B2C busine…

A professional website design is the requirement of any small or big business today. However, a B2B website needs to be designed differently than a website for B2C businesses. Keep in mind that B2B relations start with trust. You can’t merely focus on your product and expect other businesses to get in touch with you. Just like you, there must be hundreds of other businesses selling the same products and services. Businesses are not looking to purchase stuff, they are looking to make relations. They are targeting long-term relationships – onetime purchases are often not their thing.

Keeping these things in mind, you have to make sure the most experienced website designers work on your website. Here are a few tips to help you design the right B2B website.

  • Keep a Simple Design

In the world of professionals, simple designs are the most effective ones. When you say simple it should not mean boring. In the world of website design and development, simple means “focused on the objective”. When you design a website that will be viewed by businesspersons, you need to make sure their eyes land on the most important pieces of information about your website. To make this possible you have to go for a simple design using light colors, black font, ample use of white space and absence of any distractions. Do not clutter your website with information. You want to leave some information missing so to compel the visitors to contact you. You know you can best explain your business on a call.

  • Speak through Media

Now that you understand what simple really means, you need to realize the importance of different types of media for making your website powerful. On B2B websites, your message has to be very powerful, so that it compels other businesses to know your passion for what you do. The best way to do this today is by adding images and videos on your website. Writing everything on your website will make it look like a book. You can’t explain everything because if you did, you will end up filling pages over pages with text-only content. A small video loop in the background on your home page can send a strong message to your website visitors. If you are a construction company, putting a fast forwarded video loop of a completed project will be great for you.

  • Be Mobile Compatible

A B2B website owner cannot give any excuse for not having a website for all the available devices. Today, internet is used more on mobile devices than it is on desktop devices. In fact, most business owners have expensive smartphones and tablets they use for visiting websites, viewing emails and even video conferencing. Is your website equally impressive on desktops and mobile devices? You could choose between a dedicated mobile website and a responsive website design to achieve this goal. A responsive website design means your website adjusts according to the size of the screen it is being viewed on.

  • Use Prominent Call-to-action Buttons

One of the things that really stick out on a B2B website is the call-to-action buttons. The call-to-action buttons on a website depend on the type of business it does. If you are a subscription-based business, your buttons will be like “sign up” or “register”. A website that sells stuff will have buttons such as “place order”, “buy now” etc. The main idea is to get the interest customers in your database as quickly as possible. The looks of your buttons can have a great impact on how people act on your website. Giant sized buttons with clear fonts and embossed effects have always been great at eliciting response from website visitors.