Email Hosting Providers In Saudi Arabia

What are the roles of Email Hosting Providers In Saudi Arabia? Where is Email Hosting Providers In Saudi Arabia most ideal?Email hosting is ideal for busin…

What are the roles of Email Hosting Providers In Saudi Arabia? Where is Email Hosting Providers In Saudi Arabia most ideal?

Email hosting is ideal for businesses and individuals that do not want to spend money in managing and setting up messaging infrastructure. This is an ideal and understandable option for them as it saves them the cost of continuous support and maintenance associated with hosting. In addition, it reduces the chances of issues such as hardware /software problems and virus infections. Email hosting is aimed at ensuring the email associated services are properly running at all times.

Some of the benefits of Email Hosting Providers In Saudi Arabia include:

Secure webmail access

Generally, many host provides will provide their clients with a standard 12k8-bit encryption. It is usually active during the webmail sessions. This basically means that any Secure IMAP and POP Access

The major reason why most businesses now prefer the email hosting plan can be attributed to the security factors. This is because they can easily access emails on their desktops via POP or IMAP.

Data sent to and from the server will be encrypted from the moment a sign attempt is made till the user signs out. This proven security measure ensures that any sensitive information passed across the server will be not be compromised or intercepted.

All the traffic in the email is encrypted, passwords and usernames included. The passwords and user names are sent from the email of the client for authentication purposes. Most host providers will support mail clients such as Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail and Eudora. There are host providers who offer support for BSD, Linux, PDAs and Pocket PCs. It does not matter whether it is online or offline, the email hosting provider will ensure it is done in a secure and efficient manner.

Adequate storage space

Whenever you sign up for a hosting accounting, it comes with adequate amount of storage space for each mailbox that is created. Some host providers will offer storage space in MB or GB storage form. In addition, most host providers will offer more than enough space. However, there are flexible plans for those who may need to upgrade or downscale.

Spam and virus filtering

It is the role of the host provider to ensure that the email account of the client is protected from potential security threats such as virus and malware attack. They offer anti-virus scanners which are usually integrated into the SMTP host’s gateway. Other security protocol offered includes:

  • Greylisting
  • Whitelisting
  • Blacklisting
  • Configurations are allowed too. That will automatically send any spam to quarantine.