Facebook Advertising In Amman

Facebook Advertising In Amman experts have really revolutionized advertising front for businesses. All that is needed is an active Facebook page and loyal followers. The business owner then needs to create an appealing advertisement that will capture the attention of the intended audience. However, the Facebook team has set some guidelines when it comes to advertising.

The Ad review process

Have you ever wondered why you need to review your Facebook ad before posting? Typically, it takes about 24 hours to review adverts and in some cases it may take long. Facebook Advertising In Amman gives reasons why your ad may be rejected.

  • Using text in images
    Ads with images should have text that is less than 20 percent of the total image area. Using images with minimal text makes the ad more engaging as people will focus on the high quality content.This includes video thumbnails too. The use of grid tools is allowed.
  • Mentioning Facebook in your ads
    At times, one may be required to mention Facebook in their ads. Here are a few guiding rules:
    • Write Facebook with a double “F”.
    • It should be displayed in the same style and size as the other content.
    • Do not use the logo in place of the word.
    • Does not use Facebook as a plural either as a verb or abbreviation.
    • Lastly, do not use an altered version of the logo in the image for your ad
  • Age restricted material
    According to Facebook Advertising In Amman experts, some ads may not be approved due to age restrictions. This is because Facebook has a younger audience. Some ads many not be approves if they contain images, messages and photos that are not age appropriate.

Things to note: Prohibited content

  • Ads must not contain or promote illegal service, products and activities. Ads targeted for a minor audience must not infringe on their rights.
  • Ads promoting the use or sale of substances like illegal and recreational drugs, unsafe supplements, weapons and ammunitions are not allowed.
  • Ads that violate the community standards – a Facebook feature – will not be approved. They include contents that infringe or violate rights of any third party such as copyright and adult contents such as nudity, suggestive positions and sexually provocative videos and images. Content that is shocking, disrespectful and violent are not allowed. Controversial topics such as politics or social issues for commercial purposes will be discredited too.
  • Those who promote alcohol and other legal drugs should do that within the set limits. This will vary from state to state.