Facebook Advertising In Saudi Arabia

Facebook Advertising In Saudi Arabia has created a niche for itself in the world of business and advertising. Facebook is a social media platform that has attracted a large following. Individuals and business can easily open a Facebook page at no cost. Businesses use Facebook as an online advertising platform.

While placing an advert on Facebook, there are guidelines that are set for specific products. The Facebook team has a help centre section that will guide those willing to advertise. The article will discuss the guidelines for advertising specific products in Facebook Advertising In Saudi Arabia. Failure to meet the specifications given will lead to automatic rejection.

Specific products and their advertising guidelines

Facebook Advertising In Saudi Arabia has set some specific guidelines for specific products. The rules vary from state to state.

Pharmaceutical products

Prescriptions and online pharmacies

Facebook does not allow organization to run or promote the sale of pharmaceuticals unless by certified pharmacies who have prior approval from the team. Adverts on online pharmacies are prohibited too.

On dietary and herbal supplements

They are generally permitted as long the products being prompted do not contain substances that may be deemed questionable or harmful. Supplements containing human growth hormones, ephedra and anabolic steroids are not allowed. In case of any questions, they have a call help centre.

Prohibited content

It is illegal to run an ad on substances that have been prohibited. Here is a list of some of the prohibited items:


Ads related to tobacco or any related products – cigars, rolling papers, electronic cigarettes, cigarettes and hookahs among others are not allowed. The ads promoting groups or blogs that are somehow related to the interest of the prohibited substances are not allowed. However, Facebook allows ads that aim at promoting anti smoking, rehabilitation facilities and counseling programs.


Adverts that are associated with firearms, ammunitions or weapons of any kind are not allowed. Any other advert or link that may be associated with weapons is discredited too. Images of weapons are allowed as long they are not being pointed at someone.

Inflammatory and derogatory personal, political and religious content

Any ad content that seems to promote extreme views on politics, personal or religious views towards a specific group of people or an individual will be disqualified. As much freedom is a human right, using derogatory language is not allowed.

Counterfeit goods

The ads promoting sale of counterfeit goods is not allowed.