Facebook Marketing In Riyadh

Facebook Marketing In Riyadh

Welcome to 2015, where Facebook Marketing In Riyadh is the new trend in the business world. Facebook is one of the social media platforms that has attracted a large following. Benefits of Facebook marketing is that it is more fluid than the other marketing platforms, cost efficient and it reaches a great number. Here are a few facts about Facebook:

  • It has over 500 million users who are active.
  • 50 percent of the active users log into Facebook on a daily basis
  • The average number of friends per user is 130 friends.
  • The average content created by users on a weekly basis is 90 pieces.

As much as Facebook Marketing In Riyadh has been hyped, some business still make mistakes. A lot has been written on the tips and tricks of Facebook marketing. The article will discuss tips that do not work at all.

Facebook Marketing In Riyadh tips and tricks that do not actually work

1.Including a link in the first comment

There was a time when this trick actually worked. People held the notion that by including the link on the first comment, it would increase its visibility on the newsfeed. However, that is not the truth. It may work in some instances but it will not yield you much. For those with a large fan base, the link may be buried and that is counterproductive.

2.Auto-posting tweets to Facebook

It is possible to sync Twitter and Facebook. That will make it easy to automatically cross publish your content on both platforms. This is how it works: anytime you post anything on Twitter, it will automatically appear on Facebook. That saves you a lot of time and creates for you a visible media presence. However, the challenge lies in the fact that Twitter followers may not be the Facebook followers. In addition, linking up the two may give your posts a weird look. Facebook and Twitter have different ways of displaying their posts. That may not go well with your followers.

3.Buying fans and followers

This is one of the tricks that most people have been advised to use in a bid to build their following. Business owners should aim at getting an audience that is actually interested in whatever service pr product that is being sold. Buying fans and followers will hurt your brand in one way or another.

4.Tagging irrelevant people in your photos

Avoid tagging irrelevant people in your posts. Stop spamming people. Tag people that are in the photo or those that actually matter.