Riled Up Over Content Marketing Fails? Find Out Where You Are Going Wrong

No wonder you are frustrated. You have tried every trick in the book but nothing seems to be working. Is the book wrong or are you in implementing the rules incorrectly? …

No wonder you are frustrated. You have tried every trick in the book but nothing seems to be working. Is the book wrong or are you in implementing the rules incorrectly? Read along and find out the reasons for your content marketing strategy fails.

The First Reason Could Be That You Are Of The Opinion That You Can Write About Whatever Topic You Like. Wrong!

This is wrong on so many levels because of course and sure you can write on any topic that you like but may you? No. It is your blog but if you’re aiming for relevant visitors, you have to take the time and patience to plan your topics. There are certain factors at play here and you need to take account of them. These could be the industry you are functioning in, the kind or service that you offer, your target audience and even the number of internet users in your area. You need to be providing relevant content to those people who would actually find that content of value.

The Second Reason Could Be Underestimating The Power Of SEO. Don’t Ever Think That Because Efficient SEO Can Really Make Your Business

Some marketers may think that there is no or little need for optimizing their web content for search engines. Some may even think that this is too technical, and many around us are of the opinion that SEO is only about stuffing the right keywords. Well, then this is the part that is making your business a failure. SEO is vital, almost like the lifeblood of your business because a major part of content marketing is search engines and to make them your friend all you need is a little bit of keyword research. This is true for any business who wants to make it big online and that is only possible if you rank well for the keywords that your target audience or in general people are searching for.

Right after the moment you are done with crafting the most relevant blogs and articles about praising your goods and services (pun intended, or not), all that is left for you to switch to the research mode again andfind out the most appropriate titles, meta tags, meta descriptions, slugs, alt tags (if needed) for images, and interlinks, etc. Taking SEO for granted would do your business more harm than you can imagine.

The Third Reason Why Content Marketing Is Not Working For You Could Be That You Don’t Know How To Become Viral In The First Place. Is That So?

Many of us think that hitting the ‘publish’ button means that your job is over. On the contrary, you have just begun. You can’t just write stuff and expect people to notice and share your blog post. It just doesn’t work that way. If you haven’t thought of joining a community yet, think now and be an active part of one. A community not just gives you and your business an avenue to share your blog posts, but also helps you build long lasting relationships with other bloggers, your customers and/or even industry experts, which in turn works to add credibility to your work.

The bottom line here is that the problem lies right here in our marketing efforts and the easiest and fastest way to get rid of them is to educate ourselves. Be open to newer things and changes that make this world smaller and your business will grow bigger.


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