Ask These Five Questions Before Hiring a Graphic Designer

Are you looking to hire a graphic designer to help with your marketing efforts? Whether you are starting a new project with a full-fledged agency or freelancer, it can be…

Are you looking to hire a graphic designer to help with your marketing efforts? Whether you are starting a new project with a full-fledged agency or freelancer, it can be a lot like hiring a new employee. While seeking the right resource for your business will involve spending a good amount of time on the phone and web, it is for the best and will be worth the effort at the end of the day.

After all, you would get the best work at the best possible price. However, how to ensure you get the right person for the job? You should ask potential designers the following five interview questions to see if they are suitable for you:

  • “What Experience Do You Have?”

Be clear about what your goals are and make sure that the potential designer has relevant experience in that area(s). Whether you are looking to design a trade show booth, a website, a logo, or even a complete brand identity, the last thing you would want is to hire a graphic designer that provides experimental work.

  • “Can I see a Portfolio of Your Work?”

Every graphic designer out there has a portfolio of their work, and you should ask them to see it. The portfolio must include samples of the kind of work you are hiring for. If the potential designer does not have a portfolio to show you, it is best that you move on to the next candidate on the list. Besides, you cannot really hire someone unless you know their style and capabilities.

  • “What’s the Time frame?”

While some graphic designers will show you drafts of work within a day or two – or maybe even overnight provided the work is minimal – there are others that keep you waiting for several days or a whole week to submit drafts to you. Therefore, it is important to ask the potential designer if they can work in your time frame. You should also consider whether the designer is responsive to your emails and phone calls to see if they are easy to get a hold of.

Furthermore, how do they respond to your request for a proposal during your initial talks? Remember, if the potential designer shows no sense of enthusiasm during the interview process, it is likely that there will be even less timelessness once hired. Since you have to work under strict deadlines and need to get projects completed on time, you should choose a designer who is aware of that.

  • “How Much Do You Charge?”

We probably do not need to tell you to check the price, but it’s still an important question as you would want to make sure you are getting your money’s worth. You should not, however, go ahead with the cheapest resource as they more often than not lack the substance and quality to tackle your project and emerge successful.

  • “Do You Have Any Questions to Ask Me?”

Just like you have questions for your potential candidates, graphic designers too will have some questions they need to ask you. They would want to know about you and your business as well as understand what you do and who your target audience is. If they have quite a few questions, it is important to be patient as the potential designer will be able to ace your project, as they would know exactly what you are looking for.

Asking these questions before making the decision to hire a graphic designer will ensure you are making an informed decision. This will help you make the most of your investment.