Avoid These Graphic Design Mistakes at All Costs

In this era of internet, most of the marketing focus is on your website design, SEO, PPC and social media marketing. You don’t hear too much about graphic design but you …

In this era of internet, most of the marketing focus is on your website design, SEO, PPC and social media marketing. You don’t hear too much about graphic design but you could safely say that this realm of marketing needs to be taken just as seriously as the ones aforementioned. Some common mistakes when choosing your graphic designer can lead to a negative impact on your brand for years or forever. This is why you have to choose the best, established and industry-known graphic designing company for your designing projects. Don’t let excessive frugality let you fail as a brand. Avoid these mistakes stated below and let your business get the attention it deserves.

  • Hurrying It Up

Since many business startups take their graphic designing projects for granted, they would rush them to focus on other things. The biggest project your graphic designing company has to complete for you is designing your logo. As simple as it looks, your logo speaks to your target audience and makes a connection. It remains your business’ identity and face for years and even decades. Having it designed in haste can lead to undesirable consequences. People hold the logo of their favorite brands so close to their hearts that a wrong yet minor change in the logo can lead to a negative reaction. The logo design change by GAP in 2010 and their return to the original logo after public’s criticism was a proof how much a logo really means.

  • Having the Wrong Philosophy

Graphic designing projects have a lot of thinking behind them. Having a logo, brochure, banner ad or leaflet designed is not just putting random fonts, images and colors together. Every point and dot in your design has a meaning behind it. Many businesses can have the wrong philosophy when having their logos designed. For example, their focus will be on having a “unique” logo designed that stands out from the crowd. But this is not what logo is about. Your logo is designed based on your mission, vision, scope and values. What values does your business stand for? Where does your business originate from? What language does your brand speak? All of this goes behind your logos and graphic designs.

  • Being Too Emotional About Certain Aspects

What do emotions have to do with graphic designing? As a matter of fact, emotions have a lot to do with graphic designing, logo designing and any other similar project. Sometimes, the owner of the business has something in mind. They want that particular thought to reflect or appear in their graphic design. However, when professionals are working on logos they understand what works and what does not. Maybe what the business owner wants included in the design does not suit it, but the business owner will stick to it out of emotions. The best solution here is to show the design to several neutral people and ask them what they think looks more appealing.

  • Being Scared of Simplicity and Minimalism

Quite often you will find yourself thinking that your logo looks too simple. The simplicity of it makes you think that it will not appeal to the people. You could not be more wrong about this particular notion. Take a look at some of the biggest brands of the world and observe. What do you notice? If you have looked at the right logos, you will agree that simplicity remains a common factor in all these logos. Pepsi, Coke, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple etc. all of these world-known brands have the simplest logos you could possibly imagine. How much would you rate the complexity of Nike’s logo on a scale of 1 to 10?