After creating a website or blog, Hosting In Riyadh services will be needed. It is the role of the host provider to ensure that the web site or blog remains relevant on the Internet

Web Hosting In Riyadh is not as technical as it sounds. Getting a reliable host may prove challenging to some people. It is easy to fall prey to Internet quacks.

What are some of the pitfalls that people make when it comes to seeking web Hosting In Riyadh services. They include:

1.Free web space

This a catch phrase that is used by many hosting companies. The trick always works especially considering how people like freebies. If you can, avoid seeking agencies that offer free services. The major reason they offer “free services” is because they will use that platform to advertise other businesses. The end result is having a forced advertised banner on your site.

Working with the “free web space” sites will not get you the value of your business. Instead getyour own domain name and hosting service.

2.Limited hosting

There are some hosting packages that have limited features. The hosting provider does not allow users to add additional features such as multiple emails or order tools to the site. This is particularly tricky if essential features needed to run the site are missing or cannot be upgraded if need arises. A good host provider should provide the following basic yet essential features:

  • Multiple POP email accounts
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Web usage statistics
  • Auto responders
  • Secure servers
  • URL redirection

These are just but a few features

3.Low cost hosting

Low cost hosting packages should be avoided at all cost. Anything below $ 2.50 on a monthly basis is a big no. There is usually a catch. It may sound appealing but it may impact on the revenue and ratings of your site on the Google index.

For instance, any time an advertisement banner is placed on your site, visitors will be compelled to click on it. Once that it is done, they are redirected to another site. The host provider ensures that the advertisement is strategically placed at the top of the page. For sites that get revenue on pay click may lose out on revenue.

Another common complaint is that the site is usually down most of the time. This can be attributed to the fact the servers are usually overcrowded.

The pricing should not be the only guide when it comes to choosing web hosting services. It is better to get your own server and domain name at an extra cost for the sake of your site.