Hosting PHP Mysql In Jeddah

Did you know Hosting PHP Mysql In Jeddah is an ideal technology choice? PHP/Mysql is an open source. What exactly do we mean when we say Hosting PHP Mysql In Jeddah is an open source?

An open source is a type of software where codes are made free and readily available. This is what makes them an attractive choice for new developers.

There are so many recognized benefits of having an open code source:

  • Availability of the source code
  • Existing code libraries
  • Wide support communities

Many small and medium sized web applications are built using the PHP/MySQL open source code. What reasons do they have? It dramatically reduces the long term maintenance and development costs.

There are extensive and fully featured websites that can be built using the PHP content management systems. There are sites that use the PHP Mysql combination:

  • WordPress- It is a blogging application that is used in general websites. They have several plugins with unlimited possibilities.
  • Joomla- a CMS that has been used on numerous websites
  • Magento-It is a popular e-commerce platform that runs on PHP and MySQL.
  • Drupal-a platform that is ideal for building portals and communities.

The above mentioned sites are an indication that PHP/MySQL can be uses to create powerful and useful applications. However, it may be difficult to customize them. Open sources codes have a limitation; it is very difficult to modify the applications or develop new plugins.

What happens when the site needs to be modifies or new plugins developed?

  • The cost saving of the original package will be eliminated so that the necessary features are added.
  • Hiring a specialist who has experience with sites such as Drupal may fix the situation. However, it may be difficult to find someone especially if you are looking at a specific need.

Benefits of Hosting PHP Mysql In Jeddah over other platforms

  • There is a large pool of developers.
  • PHP skills can be readily learnt and less expensive. Other platforms like .NET or Java are very technical
  • Those who use the PHP/MySQL platforms save significantly. This can be attributed to the low costs associated with development and hosting.
  • They are ideal for small projects as they are considered quick and cheap technology


PHP/MySQL run systems are not easy to modify or customize. Modification and customization is usually done at a cost. It may not be economical in the long run.