Hosting PHP Mysql In Saudi Arabia is one of the hosting packages preferred by many clients. However, not many people understand what Hosting PHP Mysql In Saudi Arabia entails.

Basic Hosting PHP Mysql In Saudi Arabia facts

PHP or Hypertext Processor is an open source server language. It is ideal for creating dynamic web pages and can be easily embedded into HTML. PHP is an alternative of ASP technology.

PHP can be easily integrated with the MySQL database on a Unix/Linux web server. It the most used scripting language.

It is a widely used general purpose scripting language and interpreter that can be accessed freely. While using PHP, it is important to have a specialized PHP host.


This is a free and available management system known as the open source relational database that uses MySQL. One major benefit of SQL is that it is the most common language for managing, accessing and adding content to a database. It is an important aspect of PHP application and hosting. Joomla and phpBB are some of the PHP/MySQL enabled scripts.

How to connect PHP scripts with MySQL database

Connecting PHP and MySQL involves a series of processes:

1.Creating MySQL database

The first step is creating a table and setting the corresponding fields. Creating the table in PHPMy Admin is very simple:

Type the name- Select number of fields-Click Go button

You will be taken to a screen where fields for the database will be created. Alternatively, one can run MySQL query in order to create a table.

2.Connect to the MySQL database

This is an important step as the scripts need to connect for the queries in the database. When setting up the database, the username, password and database name values should be at the beginning of the script code. It is very easy to make changes in the future.

One does not have to have to worry about the security of the password as the PHP is secure.

3.Query the database

There are two ways used to query a database.

Entering the command in PHP

Defining command as a variable

For the first option, the command can be repeated over and over again in the source code. However, only the variable will change.

4.Displaying table data

After creating the table and entering the data, you will need to display it. It is done using HTML code that invokes a PHP script.

5.Select individual records

Besides displaying all the data, PHP enables one to select individual records or records that match a certain criteria. The SELECT query is used to select the variable.