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What are the roles of a Hosting Provider In Riyadh? It all starts by creating a website or blog. For the blog or website to remain relevant and achieve its intended mission, a Hosting Provider In Riyadh comes in. It is the role of the host provider to ensure that people learn about the site and maintain its operations

The roles of a Hosting Provider In Riyadh

Providing stable servers

It is the duty of the host provider to provide reliable servers for the web files of their clients. This includes shopping carts, scripts and databases contained in the server.

Providing disk storage space

A host provider must supply ample disk storage space for log, databases and any program files residing on the accounts. Since not all files will be visible on the sites, back up files may be needed. This will enable proper functioning of the site. The host provider needs to have adequate space in case the clients need an upgrade.


It is the role of a hosting provider to ensure that the accounts they are hosting are safe from any security threat or malware. This is especially true for those sites that collect the personal details and information of the users and visitors. Some of the security measures that may be taken include:

Authenticating the accounts

Requiring members to change their passwords frequently

Providing password-protection directories, email encryptions and secure sockets layers.

File access

A host provider should offer a file transfer protocol (FTP) manager to their clients. The FTP enables users to upload files directly to the server. This is an alternative for website users who may not individual PTF softwares. The PTF allows users to add, rename or remove files.

Email accounts

Account users have the option of creating email addresses that correspond with their domain name. This can be done through a web host. The hosting providing agency helps users create an email address even for addresses that do not exist but still include the domain name. Email forwarding, auto responder, incoming and outgoing email servers and virus/spam blockers are included in the package too.

Scripts, images and databases

Script libraries are provided by west hosts. The scripts play a major role in extending the functionality of the user's website. This is done in a bid to avoid the recreation of existing codes and scripts. In addition, it enables members to get images from the gallery without making a separate purchase. Supported databases such as MySQL and Microsoft Access can be administered by the hosting provider.

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