Do you know Hosting Services In Jeddah can be an online source of income? In the past, most people held the notion that Hosting Services In Jeddah were a preserve of the rich and big companies. However, this trend has changed, thanks to the technological advancement and the widespread use of the Internet. Small and medium sized businesses are now creating websites for themselves too.

How can one make money online by Hosting Services In Jeddah? There are several ways in which hosting can create an income for individuals. Some of the techniques include:

1.Web bloggers

Individuals can create websites too. The topics discussed on those sites vary depending on the preferences of the owners. It may on food or travel reviews.

How does a food blogger make money on their website? People in the food industry may advertise their various food products with the blogger. According to statistics, 20 million bloggers made over 1.7 millions in profit, thanks to the online advertising. Some bloggers earned $75 to $200 for blog posts and reviews on services and products.

For beginners

Before starting a blog, the first step is to create a website. There are a lot of free web hosting service providers who offer free website names. There are other sites where payments have to be made. In general, the free websites may not allow advertising banners on their site.

New bloggers can get free hosting services that have limited bandwidth traffic and sufficient web storage for a startup blog. However, always ensure that the web hosting services do not have a forced ad requirement. Getting a personalized domain name will give your site a professional look compared to a sub-domain name. Go ahead and make that extra income.

2.Reseller hosting services

Reseller hosting is a new trend. It entails purchasing a web hosting retailing package and reselling it a higher price. This may sound baffling, but it is not. All that is needed is a large amount of space. When the webmaster acquires the desired bandwidth and server, he/she can subdivide among other users. All the users need to pay is a small monthly fee.

The cost

Reselling may not cost much but it is enough to make a profit. After all, not everyone is in a position to have their personal dedicated server. It is cheaper for them than shelling out dollars to get their own servers.

The downside is that some clients will create illegal content .However, as long as the loyal customers keep doing right, you will never run out of a job.