Hosting Services In Riyadh

After creating a website or blog, you need to advertise it. That is where Hosting Services In Riyadh comes in handy. Web hosts provide various services such as hosting websites for the clients. However, there may be a fall out with your service provider.

Maybe they failed you or you found someone else who truly understands your expectations. What factors do you need to consider while changing Hosting Services In Riyadh hosts?

Changing Hosting Services In Riyadh web host providers

Changing services providers is a daunting task. It is not as easy as it sounds. While making those changes, a few factors need to be considered.

1.Type of OS used

The most commonly used operating system is the Windows and Linux. Depending on the technologies used on the website, the new service provider should meet your needs. For websites that require MSSQL, ASP or any other Microsoft –specific technologies, the Windows platform would be a good web host.

2.Bandwidth and disk space requirements

Before getting a new web host, it is important to ensure that you have a back up copy of the existing website. The bandwidth and disk space offered by the new service provider should be sufficient based on the specifications of the website. It is recommended that the files should be downloaded in a tree format. That will make it easy when it comes to uploading them. This is particularly true for those using the free flash. For those who may not be in a position to download the files and recreate the new web files, consider if the web host service provider has a free website creator. To avoid all this problems, FTP web hosting access will work.

3.DNS changes and propagation

After uploading the web site to the new server and recreating the email accounts, changes can be made to the domain name server (DNS).

DNS is obtained after signing up with the new web hosting provider. The existing DNS setting needs to be replaced with the new one. A domain registrar will enable this process. The process takes about 24-48 hours to propagate.

4.Email address

One may keep the new email address or set up a new one. However, it is important to retain the same email address, the forwarders and aliases.

5.Cancel the old account

Once the new account has been activated, it is time to activate the new website and the email accounts. Your new site will be up and running in no time.