Hosting Services In Saudi Arabia

Are you new to Hosting Services In Saudi Arabia? Does the term hosting sound foreign and technical to you? Hosting Services In Saudi Arabia is not rocket science. For the newbies, the article will discuss in details a few terms associated with hosting.

Common terms associated with Hosting Services In Saudi Arabia

Shared hosting

Shared hosting entails using a single Web server box. That single box can handle hundreds to thousands of websites. This is made possible by the fact that most of the sites are small and require minimal bandwidth space. Shared hosting service providers charge $4-5 dollars monthly for this service. It is ideal for people with small websites.

Linux hosting

Just like shared hosting, Linux sharing is fairly cheap. It is ideal for various web developments tools-such as Drupal and WordPress. Other sites that use programming codes such as Perl and PHP, Linux is very essential. However, there is no need to panic for those who do not know how to operate the Linux web hosting service. There are some webhosts that provide graphical interface that act as a great guide.

Windows hosting

Windows hosting blends well with Microsoft tools. It enables one to publish and manage their sites easily. Windows hosting is essential for sites that use Microsoft –specific tools such as the ASP. It is important to note that this kind of hosting service is more expensive compared to Linux options.

VPS hosting-VPS stands for Visual Private Server. VPS servers are ideal for higher traffic sites. One advantage of VPS hosting is that it provides a virtualized server designed to run your site alone. It makes it easy to reboot or manage the site without affecting or being affected by other sites.

Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting requires that one uses a computer (or more) for web hosting services. Other sites will be hosted from a different location; therefore instances such as site crashing as a result of high traffic are avoided. However, this kind of hosting costs a fortune. It is a nice deal though.

Managed hosting

In this kind of hosting, the service provider provides members who will keep an eye on the site. In the event that the site collapses or develops any technicalities, the servers will be manually restarted and technical expertise provided. An additional fee may be required.

Most people seeking hosting services use the dedicated or shared plan as it can be easily managed.