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Hosting Website In Saudi Arabia

Hosting Website In Saudi Arabia is one of the lucrative businesses in the era of technological era. Websites have become a common feature in our lives. Creating a website is fun and easy. Challenges arise when it comes to Hosting Website In Saudi Arabia.

While selecting Hosting Website In Saudi Arabia services, the following factors should be considered:

1.The storage space available

The amount of storage space should be the main concern to anyone seeking webhosting services. Small and medium sites websites may require several gigabytes. There are some hosts who offer unlimited storage for their clients. It is important to understand the extent of the limits of their offer.

2.Amount of bandwidth

Storage and bandwidth go hand and hand. Basically, bandwidth is the amount of data that can be uploaded and downloaded-by you and your visitors-in a given month. For instance, for a I Mb , you have a bandwidth of 10MB. The amount of bandwidth will depend on how busy the site is.

3.Number of domains and sub domains

After successfully running one website, the second and third may come up. It is hectic creating a new website in case the need arose. That is why we have domains and sub domains. One web account may host multiple accounts. However, there is a limit. The same applies for sub domains.

4.Email accounts and features

Some web hosts offer free email accounts for domains. It is important to know how may email accounts are being offered and what selection needed while receiving the mail. Is a webmail interface available? Is Google Apps integration possible? When selecting the mails, do they have POP or IMAP? These are important questions that should be asked.

5.Database support

Even the smallest website requires a database at the back end.There is several options one can choose from ranging from MySQL to Oracle. It is important to note that clients should not set for databases that will not address their needs.

6.Framework support and easy install

CMSes and blogging systems are usually supported by web hosts. Some of them are very easy to install-ne clock install. This is particularly true for Word Press.

7.Mobile App or Website

Most site owners would love to have a mobile app on the websites. The MediaTemple and SliceHost are some of the few hosts who offer apps-iPhone and Android respectively –for their clients. However, other web hosting companies are working to provide similar services in the future.

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