Ways A Bad Website Design Hurts Your Business

How professional and polished your website design looks shows how serious you are with your business and internet marketing. Think of your body as your business and your …

How professional and polished your website design looks shows how serious you are with your business and internet marketing. Think of your body as your business and your bad website as a badly designed piece of furniture e.g. a chair. The more you continue to sit on such a chair the more it will hurt your body. In a similar way, a bad web design will continue to hurt your business in more ways than you can think of. Once you the big demerits of having a badly designed website, you will make sure to pick only a reliable and proven website design company for the job. Here is how your website and business suffer in the hands of a badly designed website.

Your SEO Gets Hurt

One of the first things that need you need to work on in order to make your website visible to the world is search engine optimization. There are many factors that decide how high your website ranks on a search engine. You might not know but your ranking depends heavily on your website design. Take the example of page loading time. The longer your website takes to load, the lower Google will rank you. If your website’s code is not neat, it will make pages heavier and thus the increased page loading time. A bad web design incorporates content that is not indexed by search engine crawlers.

Your User Experience Suffers

One important metric for search engines to measure the quality of your website is the time users spend on it. When your users are bouncing off your website at a big rate, this is going to go against you. The bounce rate of your website visitors does not necessarily rely on the quality of your content. It also relies heavily on how your website looks. If visitors land on your website and find your website design to be cluttered with unnecessary stuff, they will move on to another website in no time. This affects your SEO and the traffic volume on your website overtime.

Your Brand Image is Affected

Your website is the face of your business in the online world. All your marketing efforts such as pay per click, banner marketing, email marketing, SEO etc. converge at one point – your website. Modern website designs are not just about presenting information for customers, they are also about the “wow” factor. This is the reason you will see many websites incorporating videos in the background with looped clips that grab visitors’ attention immediately. If your website looks dull and boring to visitors, they will not be able to associate themselves with your brand.

You Lose Mobile Visitors

One of the most important aspects of modern website design is making it mobile friendly. There are many different ways a website can be designed to be mobile friendly. You could opt for a responsive website design or create a mobile website from the scratch. If your website has not been designed to be friendly with billions of mobile devices that are being used around the world, you are going to block your access to a lucrative and huge market. When having your website designed, make sure you factor in the mobility of it.

These are just some of the ways your bad website design can hurt your business. Do not focus solely on lowering the price of getting your website up. It is less about price and more about your brand and online visibility. Keep away from a bad web design and make sure to convert most of your visitors into customers with a good design.