Advantages Of Good Web Hosting

Most businesses depend heavily on their websites for their success and prosperity. Website hosting service allows your business website to be accessed by your customers, …

Most businesses depend heavily on their websites for their success and prosperity. Website hosting service allows your business website to be accessed by your customers, investors and clients online. It is a crucial service that can literally make or break your business. It is therefore imperative that you pick your web hosting service very carefully.

When it comes to web hosting, many options are available. Some of these options are free or relatively inexpensive. However, they come with a caveat. They do not offer quality management of your website needs. By spending a few dollars per month, you can ensure high-quality managed web hosting that can improve your productivity as well as ensure your business continuity.

Here are some of the ways in which a good web hosting service can increase your productivity.

24/7 Technical Support

When it comes to business, time is money. You cannot hope to increase your yields if valuable time is being spent on sorting out trivial IT related problems. A good web hosting service offers round-the-clock technical support that can save your time as well as your money.

When a technical glitch slows down your server, you cannot afford to wait for a trained professional to arrive. Managed web hosting can allow you to access highly experienced and train professionals that can help your IT staff to quickly rectify the problem on hand.

Regular Backups and Easy Restoration

Websites are under constant threats. The threats could be internal as in technical abnormalities, or external in the form of malware and hacking. In either case, to ensure continuity you need your data to be backed up almost as soon as it is uploaded on your system.

Daily automated backups do just that. Restoration of the backed up data can also waste many productive hours, if you do not have the luxury of being hosted by a good web hosting service. One-click restoration solutions can prove to be a boon for your business.

Strong Firewalls and Periodic Scans

In this increasingly competitive business environment, the external threats to your online presence are increasing. Hacking can give your business competitors an edge by slowing down your progress and garnering access to your sensitive data. Ransom-ware can also loose you significant amounts of money and dampen your productivity.

Strong security systems and firewalls can be expensive to install. A good web hosting service allows you to use effective and ever-evolving firewalls for a very low cost. Proactive detection and elimination of malware is made possible by periodic malware scans. A good web hosting company guarantees regular scans.

Uptime Guarantee

The biggest favor a good web host can do for you is to guarantee more than 99% of uptime. There is nothing more detrimental to the productivity of a business than the nuisance of website-crash. Slow-running websites come close though.

When a customer or a client is trying to reach your website with the intention of a transaction, a slow running website can dissuade them, resulting in lost opportunities for your business. A good web hosting company offers smoothness of service and surety of uptime.

Improved Reputation

The reputation of your brand and business is crucial to the survival as well as productivity of your business. By investing in managed web hosting, you ensure your reputation remains intact. Your investors and customers alike need to know that you are dependable and reliable.

An ill-performing website sends a signal that you do not take your business seriously. This can affect your business standing and consequently your productivity and profits.

These are some of the most obvious reasons a good web hosting service can boost your productivity.