Why Facebook Is Most Important For Internet Marketing

The way marketing was done in the past has completely changed today. Modern era belongs to internet marketing and within that category, you have social media marketing. S…

The way marketing was done in the past has completely changed today. Modern era belongs to internet marketing and within that category, you have social media marketing. Social media marketing is the marketing done using social networking platforms on the internet. There are many different ways to market a business on social networking platforms using text, images, videos, GIFs etc. However, businesses have to realize the importance of various social networking platforms for a successful online marketing strategy. Without a doubt, Facebook is on top of all social networking platforms when it comes to number of active users.

So how important is Facebook for social media marketing? Here are a few important points to understand that:

The Size of It

The most important thing for any business in any corner of the world is to be located in a place with lots of customers. Facebook is the largest social networking platform on the internet and it has been that way for the past decade. Facebook currently has around 2 billion active users using it from their desktops, laptops and mobile devices. That is active users, not just any users. When you say active users, these are people who have opened their Facebook account at least once in the past month. In simple words, when you market on Facebook, you are marketing to the largest crowd possible in the universe.

The Nature of Its Users

As mentioned above, Facebook has nearly 2 billion active users according to the recent statistics. Why Facebook users matter to any business’ online marketing strategy is because these users like to interact. Think about it, the most important customers for any business today are mobile users as they are more engaging and make more purchases. 1.74 billion Facebook users are active mobile users. Here is another fact to prove how productive Facebook users can be for your marketing: just in one quarter of 2014, Facebook users accounted for the purchase of over 234 million worth of items that included gifts and other stuff.

It’s Cheaper Marketing

You will be glad to know that marketing with Facebook will cost you much less than marketing with other companies on the internet. First, this is the only type of marketing that allows you to target your potential prospects with custom ads. You can target your audience based on their location, age, sex, interests etc. When it comes to cost-per-conversion, Facebook ads are cheaper by 64% compared to other formats of advertising. Think of the money you will save in the long run if you continue to target audience with custom ads using Facebook marketing.

You Are On Top Of the Trends

One of the most important things in any online business’ marketing is being up-to-date with the latest trends. You must know in which way your audience is moving in order to create content that they can relate to. Facebook is a place where you can know the interests and trends of people by visiting various communities or simply looking at the interests of the people who are following your brand’s page. Not only does this information help you hone your online marketing strategies but it also helps you create better and more relevant products.

It Connects With CRMs Now

Probably one of the strongest elements of modern social media marketing is the integration of CRMs into it. Today, companies are making use of social CRMs to stay on top of their users’ interests and trends, and respond to them when needed. When it comes to social CRMs, it is easiest to find CRMs that allow you to integrate Facebook onto them. In other words, you have a great number of options available if you are looking for Facebook integration onto a social CRM.

To effective incorporate Facebook into your social media marketing strategy, it is important that you hire a professional social media marketing company.