The Important Role Of UX In Website Design

Most people, when they think about website design, imagine it only visually. However, website design is much more than what you see on the surface. UX is an important ter…

Most people, when they think about website design, imagine it only visually. However, website design is much more than what you see on the surface. UX is an important term for website designers and it stands for user experience. When a designer creates a website, their only focus is not just the looks of the website. They also have to think about visitors’ interaction with the website and the experience that comes from this interaction. When designers work on a website to create a memorable experience for visitors, they are actually working on UX. Here is some more information on the subject.

UX in Website design

User experience refers to how a visitor feels when doing several actions on the website. The main idea is to create a flow on the website that translates to a seamless experience for user as he/she navigates it. The flow and continuity has to be achieved in every aspect of the website such user’s navigation from one page to another page, the process of signing up for a service etc. It also includes visitors’ interaction with various web applications. Think about how visitors feel when designing their own sports shoes on various sports footwear websites.

Importance of UX in Website design

A pleasant user experience plays a vital role in bringing the visitor back on the website. Keep in mind that visuals can soon become boring no matter how fascinating and unique they are. On the other hand, the ease of use and pleasure obtained from navigating a website, and interacting with it, is something that never gets old. Making a visitor stay on the website for long is a target for all websites. This is because Google and other search engines give a lot of weight age to how much time a visitor spends on a website/web page to rank their websites in search engine results.

An integral part of UX website design is to make it easy for visitors to navigate the website without getting lost. If you have a complex website with lots of pages, you need to be extremely serious with UX in your website design. As soon as a visitor feels lost and frustrated, he/she leaves your website. Through the wireframe process, website designers strive to achieve a consistent template throughout the website. This is to make it easier for the website visitors to know their way on the website. Your website might be the most appealing website visually but it will not be able to retain visitors if they don’t understand navigation within the first few seconds.

Ignoring UX in design can be detrimental for ecommerce websites. Ecommerce websites use many order and application forms. They have to win the trust of their visitors in order to convert them into sales. A small hiccup during the product ordering process can make the potential customer go away from your website never to return. Your order form should be easy to understand and customer’s information should stay on the form even if they close the page accidentally. The transition from one page of the form to another should be smooth and consistent design layout must be followed on each page.

When you are looking at the importance of UX in website design, don’t just look at the benefits it offers but also consider the damages a bad user experience can do to your business. In order for your website to have a seamless and smooth UX, you are highly recommended to go with a custom website design and start your website from the ground up. A website template can be a big enemy to the UX aspect of your website.