Why Professional Website Design Prolongs a Visitor’s Website Stay

Do you have a business website and you’re always wondering why visitors are so keen to leave your website? If your website design is not compelling enough, your visitors …

Do you have a business website and you’re always wondering why visitors are so keen to leave your website? If your website design is not compelling enough, your visitors will leave right from your home page, let alone click on a product to buy it. Websites designed professionally have all the elements to grab visitors’ attention and keep them engaged for ample time. Once this is achieved, it is convincing for search engines to rank your website higher as they believe your website offers informative content to visitors. How and why professional website designs achieve this. Here are the top reasons:

Focus on User Experience

Ask the novices in the industry and they will talk about making the website look great only. Talk to experts and they will tell you that your website design is all about focusing on user experience. When you focus on user experience, this is more like a holistic approach where work is done on every aspect of your website design, not only the looks. Would you like to buy a car for your daily use that looks beautiful but provides a cart-like experience while riding? In a similar way, users will forget the looks of your website within seconds. You need to go the extra mile and work on overall user experience.

Use of Variety of Content

Non-professional website designers are afraid to use images and videos as content on your website. They believe it will make your website heavy without realizing that the biggest part of online data is now video and images. The times of dialup modems are over. Internet technology has improved big time and video content is gaining popularity among users. Researches and surveys have shown over and over how videos and images are much more engaging and attractive for internet users than just text. If your professionals are not ready to put a variety of content on your website, they are not professionals.

Mobile Device Compatibility

Mobile device compatibility remains a big challenge for modern devices. There is just no way for you to ignore the mobile users as they make up the larger portion of internet using audience in many countries. These people are also active buyers, so ignoring them is out of question. However, creating a mobile compatible and friendly website is not that easy. It’s not just about making the website smaller to fit a smaller screen. You have to keep the essence of the website alive and make navigation even easier. It has to be kept in mind that scrolling is not the most favorite activity of mobile users so they should be made to do it as less as possible.

Use of Variety of Technologies

Professional website designers really understand the use of technology when it comes to website design. Use of parallax effect, a video loop in the background or a huge sports start photo as half of the page are examples of how experienced website designers can make a website compelling. These factors really convince visitors to stay on the website for a long time. If you did not know already, HTML5 also supports animation. This means you can introduce animation on your website and make it count towards your search engine optimization efforts.

There are many other factors that professional website designers pay close attention to when they are designing. These people are up-to-date with the latest technological advancements and tools for website development. This is why they are able to keep you ahead of the competition, just like they are. If you still have not gotten your website up, make sure you only take assistance of a professional website designing company.