SEO Is Going To Stay As Long As The Internet Will!

​There is no denial of the importance of SEO for any company. Everybody wants their websites to appear first on the page of top search engines like Google. It has become an important tool of marketing for companies. But with so many changes in technology taking place every day where do we see this multibillion-dollar industry in 2018? According to a recent study, SEO will not go anywhere until and unless there is no presence of the internet, SEO will take a new shape and we feel that it will evolve in the following ways.

1. User Experience (UX) will rule the charts
Google uses algorithms to rank websites on its page. If users search for Blackberry mobile and visit its website frequently, it will rank the website first on its page. This is not going to be the case in 2018 as Google is now using its analytics to analyze data and rank websites. How this works depends on how much your website is user-friendly. For example, a user searches for “Pablo Picasso Paintings info”, your pages come first in the ranking, but due to insufficient data, they quickly jump to another page where information is more relevant. Google will analyze how much time a user is spending on your website as well as your competitors website and obtains obtain data of paintings. If the time and number are not high enough, Google will change your ranking and you may not even appear on the first page. This is called User Experience (UX).
You need to study and understand your audience now if you really want to survive this new SEO game. Make your website as user-friendly as possible, provide users with more informative and fresh content so that they spend more and more time on your website. The better the user experience (UX) the better the outcome will be.
2. AMP will be another important factor
AMP is a term which is not hard to understand as it stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, meaning websites made for mobile devices. Google recently did a thorough study and found out that more than 60% of people in 2016 searched and shopped products online with the means of smartphones or tablets. After this, they are working on AMP projects to make sure that its users have the most comfortable experience as possible. In 2018, Google will change the ranking factors of a website in accordance with AMP. They also have competitors like Bing and Yahoo, if the website they show a user on their first page is not compatible with a mobile device, why would a person use Google to search for anything? Thus, with the rise of the use of mobile devices, Google will rank those websites that are optimized, reliable and work super fast on mobile devices.Make sure you have properly optimized mobile website before 2018 because AMP is going to be one of the biggest factors in SEO ranking.
3. Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Most of us are still confused about how artificial intelligence will rank our websites in 2018 as announced by Google. Take Apple’s Siri for an example, when typing a message to your boss, Siri’s AI automatically suggests you use of formal words and casual language when texting your friend. Siri’s AI does it by analyzing the content and language of past messages and will suggest the words accordingly. Google is implementing the same strategy. Google’s AI will detect and rank pages that are more relevant to the topic searched for. If your website has sufficient content, is clear and has proper use of keywords, your ranking will be high enough to appear on the first page.