Using SMM To Make Organic Marketing More Effective

Using SMM To Make Organic Marketing More Effective
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Just a few years ago, social media marketing and organic marketing were considered two different things. You could not make a connection between the both but things have changed in the recent years. Today, the idea of using SMM to boost organic marketing is a reality. Social media marketing experts believe that the connection is not direct but an indirect influence of SMM can be a game changer for many business’ organic marketing efforts. Here is how you can obtain the best results from your organic marketing efforts by taking advantage of SMM.

You Can Earn Free Backlinks

With your social media sharing, you can create backlinks to your website or the landing page without spending a dime. This can be made possible by posting creative and useful content. You don’t necessarily have to post content that is related to your business and services. You can create posts that are related to your industry and make those posts interesting by putting in some facts and statistics. Such statistics and facts are often an attraction for bloggers. If they find your material quotable, they will use it in their posts. This will earn you a free backlink from their reputable blogs. Similarly, any content that you share on social media can become a source of free backlinks if a content creator uses it.

Google Prefers YouTube Videos in Its Search Results

One of the best ways of sharing content on social media is to use visuals. Videos and images are considered the best form of social media content because these two types of content get a lot of reaction from people. YouTube can prove to be a great place for businesses to get attention from their target audience. Here, you have to keep in mind that YouTube is Google’s service and thus Google would put YouTube videos on top of videos from any other platforms. If you have created any video content for your products or services, it is best that you put it on YouTube using the right keywords and titles. When someone searches for any of the keywords you have in the video, your video will appear on top, even before the results of relevant websites.

Customer Feedbacks Boost Your Ranking

A unique way of using your social media marketing for improving your website’s ranking is by allowing your customers to give feedback about your products right on the product page. When customers talk about your products, they mention the name of the product and your brand over and over in their comments. Search engine crawlers index these keywords and brand mention when they crawl through your web pages. However, getting feedback from customers is not that easy. You have to convince people to leave feedback on your products and services several times before they do it.

The best way to ask for feedbacks is through social media marketing. When you do something for your customers, they are ready to do something for you in return. Run rewarding campaigns or just mention the names of your loyal customers to gain their attention. Ask them to give you feedback on your products, and they will do it. These product page feedbacks can help your website get higher in the search engine rankings.

There are many other ways for you to harness the power of social media marketing and use it to boost your organic rankings. The idea that you have to embrace is of combining both the concepts rather than treating them separately. Even when it comes to your blog posts, you should allow your users to share the posts across various social networking platforms by including the buttons right underneath or above your posts.

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