4 Ways Social Media Can Improve Customer Service

In this increasingly digital age, just about every business out there, whether big or small, has a presence on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. I…

In this increasingly digital age, just about every business out there, whether big or small, has a presence on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. In fact, it is very likely that you too are using social media for branding and marketing purposes. However, did you know that social media could be leveraged to improve customer service and satisfaction?

If you are a smart business, you realize the importance of staying on the lookout for the best possible ways to keep your customers happy and increase repeat business. By creating and maintaining social media profiles, you can do just that. Read on to discover five ways social media can help improve customer service:

  • Engage With Your Customers

In 2017, sending an email or calling a business is equivalent to sending feedback through a carrier pigeon. For a majority of businesses, it is true that customers spend a significant amount of time interacting with brands on social media. So, why expect them to wait days for an email reply or sit on hold when they can reach out to your immediately via social media?

Sending you a Facebook message or Tweeting your business is a lot quicker and easier. However, to avoid any embarrassing blunders make sure you are following basic social media etiquette. Actively be a part of social media networks where your customers are spending most of their time so that you can earn their trust and keep their business.

  • Respond as Quickly as Possible

When you become a part of any social media network, you have the ability to respond to customers immediately, and let’s face it – that’s what your customers expect from you! The faster you respond to your customers, the better. If your business is large enough to hire a social media manager, go ahead and do it.

While there are tools available to automate responses on some social media networks, it’s recommended that you do so sparingly. This is because NO ONE wants to interact with bot. Automatic responses come off as dismissive and cold. It gets even worse if you have don’t follow up with a real human response.

  • Don’t Hit Out at Critics

It’s important to keep in mind that you cannot please everyone. However, if you are able to deal with an angry customer in a calm and cool manner, they ultimately walk away satisfied and happy. When you are feeling defensive, it can be easy to rattle off a swift response to someone, but you shouldn’t do this no matter what.

Talk a walk. Calm down. If it requires a long-form response, consider typing up some rough drafts in a document. You must respond soon and make sure it addresses their concerns. Even if they aren’t pleased with your response, other users will see you respond to public criticism in a positive manner and their impressions can take your business a long way.

  • Go Above & Beyond (Every Once in a While)

Running contests or playing fun games is easy on social media, and not to mention, customers enjoy it as well.At the end of the day, it’s good for business, but you have to take it beyond exciting marketing ploys to punch up your customer service. Therefore, every once in a while, consider surprising one of your customers with a very personalized response or a free product.This, however, can’t be done all the time. After all, the occasional act of kindness must be backed up with stellar and consistent customer service.

These are some ways in which you can use social media to bolster your customer service.