Social Media Marketing Beats Banner Ads

With the number of ways you can market a business, services and products on the internet it can get confusing as to which path will be most productive for you. Banner ads…

With the number of ways you can market a business, services and products on the internet it can get confusing as to which path will be most productive for you. Banner ads are one of the most common ways for businesses to market on the internet. However, they also prove to be the least useful when it comes to conversion. On the other hand, social media marketing has been proving more and more useful with time. Professional social media marketing services are on the rise and the top companies of the world are using them to their advantage. So, how is social media marketing a better option than banner ads?

Trust Matters

One of the things that matter in marketing is trust. People have stopped trusting banner ads for many reasons. In the past, banner ads were becoming more and more deceptive i.e. leading people on to pages that were not relevant to the content of the banner ad. You would click on a banner that talked about helping you finance a car but you landed on a page that talked about business loans. On the other hand, there is no such thing as deceptive marketing on social media. In fact, business can put their own reputation and future in danger if they try to use any deceptive means to market their products and services on social media.

Better Reach

No other channel of marketing has as much reach to your target audience as social media marketing does. You can make your banners appear on a famous website but it will only be limited to the people who visit that website. On the other hand, your social media marketing reaches a global audience. There are already billions of people on social networking platforms. You could argue by saying that they could make their ad appear on Facebook, one of the social networking platforms. However, this banner ad will still be only visible to the people you have chosen to show it to. On the other hand, social media content can be shared by individuals with their friends to make it known to a bigger audience.

SEO Elements

Banner ads have never been known for their SEO boosting qualities whereas social media marketing can greatly help your business with search engine optimization. The posts you share on social media can be shared further by people. Imagine if your post gets shared by a famous blogger. This blogger will create a natural backlink to your website by mentioning you as a source. Not to mention, you can write guest blog posts to get backlinks as well. Now, these backlinks are counted among the most important metrics for Google to rank a website higher. The more interesting your content is the higher the chances are that it will get shared on social media.

It Is Interactive

A banner ad, no matter how cool it looks, is still an ad. On the other hand, social media marketing is not done purely for advertising purposes. In fact, the best social media marketing does not even strive to sell a product or service. You just interact with people, take their feedbacks, reward them for their loyalty, and it becomes a thing for them. They start recognizing your business and this gives rise to a brand. When you share something on social media and people talk about it, you can respond to their concerns and get even closer. This is not the case with a banner ad. It is just a quite banner that appears in some corner of a website and can even be obstructive at times – something that really makes many potential customers angry.