Personalize Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

It is a well-known fact that a smart social media marketing campaign earns substantial dividends. As more and more people find social media post on platforms like Faceboo…

It is a well-known fact that a smart social media marketing campaign earns substantial dividends. As more and more people find social media post on platforms like Facebook and twitter more worthy of their time than regular websites, social media marketing is overtaking the traditional SEO marketing. Even if you are not ready to let go of your traditional marketing approach completely, adding social media marketing to your marketing arsenal is essential.

To make the best of your social media marketing it is significant that you make strong interpersonal connections with your clients and customers. Long-lasting relationships and a loyal customer base are crucial to the success of your social media campaign. The best way to connect with people in a profound way is to personalize your social media approach. Following tips can help you add the rewarding personal touch to your social media marketing.

Have a Chat

People do not like to be told what to do. Posting ads about your products and services will only take you so far. Social media offers interactive platforms that allow people to come closer. Why not use this very quality of social media to bring your customer base closer to your business. Instead of one-way traffic, make your interactions two-way. Take interests in your customers. Ask questions and provide answers. Engage your customers.

Let Them Know You

Mystery does not work, when it comes to business. There is no use of hiding behind the computer screen. Let people know what your business is made of not just the products you make. Take your customers behind the scenes. Introduce them to people behind your company. Tell the stories of your employees. Encourage your employees to interact with your customers on personal level. Customers can relate more with a company if they know people just like them work there.

Send Cards and Gifts

Remember your loyal customers. Remember their birthdays and other special occasions. Send them personalized cards and online gifts such as coupons. Personally write posts on holidays. Let people know what that special day means to you personally as well as to your business. Share special landmarks of your business on social media and encourage your customers to celebrate with you.

Be Virtually Present

The power of video is undeniable. Use videos featuring employees of the company discussing topics related to your business as well as fun unrelated topics. Use live streams to make a company event accessible to public. Use services like Skype and Facebook to interact with clients as well as customers. Live chat is important to let the customers know you are willing to make meaningful connections.

Everyday Language Works

One of the best ways to personalize your social media presence is to let the customers know you are one of them. You think and talk like them. No need to be formal. Social media is there to make friends not business-associates. Be witty and smart and do not shy away from showing your true personality. Use short sentences in every day spoken language. Shout outs matter.

Humor Is Important

Show them you are human being. Be down to earth and humorous. Laugh at yourself from time to time. People respond to pleasant and funny posts. If you find a video funny e.g. an adorable animal making cute faces, share it with others on your social media. Learn to laugh things off. If you or your business has made a mistake, own it, apologize for it, rectify it and have a laugh about it. Humor softens down the gravity of a situation and let you connect with your customers on a deep level.

If you take the above-mentioned considerations seriously, you can ensure a more personalized social media marketing campaign.